Cor Blimey!!

We have sunshine and blue skies here today 😀

And judging by how much moulting the cats are doing, I suspect warmer weather isnt too far off. There are veritable clouds of cat fur in the air each time I stroke them and Rory filled her brush 3 times over when I groomed her the other day.

Poor Mitch has a nasty puncture wound that we are keeping a close eye on. Not sure if he got it defending his territory while outside, or whether it was Rory that inflicted it 😦  So far its healing well with no signs of swelling and he’s leaving it alone. Bless him.

My pain levels today are “reasonable”. Its there but so much better than it has been. I think the 4 nights of decent sleep are to thank for it. But I need that to continue for as long as possible. It is just not possible to cope with FM without decent sleep.

And I have to send out a ginormous “Thank you” to about 6 of my fellow bloggers today. I can’t be specific because it would take too much explaining to describe here how your individual posts have combined inside my head to give me a massive boost.  But I have been reminded of something that I hadn’t realised I had ‘forgotten’.

It is so hard to explain and I just hope that if you read this you’ll feel my gratitude if it was you. And yes, I am aware of how barmy that sounds LOL. Just roll with it 😀

On a less cheerful note, they have been cutting down one of the trees behind my house today 😦 I have no idea why, but I hope they had a damn good reason.

Behind my house are two long parallel rows of Horse Chestnut trees. And they are old. As is the avenue they form. The avenue was actually the ‘driveway’ to an estate that used to exist and it shows up on the very first Ordnance Survey map of this area. 1860 something, if I remember correctly.

I hate when trees get cut down.  It brings out my inner eco-warrior and I feel it at a very deep down level as ‘wrong’. I sobbed when all the elm trees down our road were cut down decades ago due to the spread of Dutch Elm disease. 

This is the 5th tree to go in my neighbourhood recently 😦

Anyway…… you all think I’m a raving nutter 😛 I shall disappear and go do stuff.


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18 Responses to Cor Blimey!!

  1. magickmogwai says:

    Warner weather is definatly on the way – my cats are shedding too and my rabbit is getting rid of his winter coat in clouds of fluff. When he jumps around there is literally a cartoon-like cloud of hair left behind.

    Glad to hear you are getting good sleep and less pain 🙂 here’s hoping it stays that way for a long time

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    • Moongazer says:

      Thank you 🙂 I’m able to do a little more each day so that might help my sleep too.
      Awww a defuzzing bunny. Is it a house bunny?


      • magickmogwai says:

        Yeah he lives in the den where I end up spending most of my time. Keeps me company during the day although talking to a bunny and cats may seem mad it stops me getting too lonely

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        • Moongazer says:

          Its not mad at all. I talk to my cats all the time. I have this little feline posse that follows me wherever I go lol especially if its the fridge 🙂
          Rabbits are a lot more intelligent than people think, I reckon. My daughter’s friend had one that liked being groomed so much, if you put the comb down he’d nudge it back to you 🙂

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  2. pd says:

    Its mostly cat sick round here yesterday, oh and cat fur. DONT buy ALDI cat treats, the bright orange ones called filled pockets (?), think their all colouring and chemicals, the cat sick came out bright orange, funny how it matched colour of cat treats.

    I suspect the tree they cut down was due to some stupid health and safety rules, missinterpreted by morons who have no common sense.

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  3. Moongazer says:

    You could be right about the tree 😦 All the ones gone were close to footpaths. Altho all mature enough for branches not to be in the way 😦
    Ewww…..I dont fancy orange cat sick. The normal stuff is bad enough *ick*
    We get the dehydrated and dried meat treats mostly, altho Rory and zoe love the biscuit types, Mitch wont touch them so he has the meat and they have the crunch xx


  4. Vicky Louise says:

    Ooh I am glad you had a ‘good’ day yesterday! Hopefully today is a good pain day too (if there is such a thing as good pain!?) I am looking forward to the warm weather, I’m sick of the sight of my snugly woolly jumpers!

    The puss cats here are malting like crazy, black trousers are currently banned in the house… the lint roller sees far too much action as is! I really should have invested in a leather sofa instead of velvety, cat hair loves it!

    Have a good Wednesday 😀 xx

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    • Moongazer says:

      Thank you 🙂 I even got a trip out in my wheelchair as it was such a lovely day yesterday.
      LOL ah yis the black trousers. Unfortunately all 3 of my youngsters have to wear black or navy blue trousers for work 😦 but for me, cat fur is just an accessory lol 😛

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  5. Trisha says:

    My cats are shedding like crazy too! I’m with you on the tree thing. I get so angry when people cut down trees in my neighborhood, especially when they cut down trees on the green belts. I say if you don’t want to live by big trees, you shouldn’t buy a house next to the green belt. I hope Mitch’s wound heals up quickly.

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  6. beverley says:

    I have found you at last! I wouldn’t worry about being a raving nutter just blame it on the FMS 🙂

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  7. Moongazer says:

    Absolutely agree!! We went past all the sawdust in the grass yesterday – like bloodstains in the grass 😦
    Mitch does seem better, thank you. He will still only let his mum look at the wound but he’s allowing strokes again, bless him. Him sleeping in my room now seems to have really upset the status quo between all 3 of them but hopefully they’ll settle down soon.


  8. Good Woman says:

    I came upon your blog after you “liked” a comment I made. Your mention of losing a tree in the neighborhood moved me to write. I have a tall stately pine tree that is becoming a victim of the drought we are experiencing. I have had a tree service out several times to attempt to treat it and trim out the dead wood and hopefullyly revive it, but it is looking poorly again. I know I will cry if I have to make the decision to remove it but it is not looking good.


    • Moongazer says:

      I understand (((hugs))) There was an Ash tree at the end of the drive at one of my previous homes. It was a giant and had stood there long before any of the houses. I argued many times with the neighbour who wanted it cut down, but I was having non of it.
      I drove past there a year or so after we moved…..and my Ash tree had gone 😦 There was just the stump that they had shaped into a bench. Yup, that’s how big this tree was. I was so sad, and so angry.
      But it sounds like you’ve tried very hard to look after your tree. We can only dream of all trees being cared about so much.

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  9. mariajay76 says:

    Jealous of even the notion of warm weather approaching. We still have feet of snow on the ground here, the temp’s been in the teens and twenties and I just got another bad weather warning text which probably means more snow!

    Also, our apartment complex maintenance guys had to blast the snow away from the side of our building because we were getting ice dams on the the drainpipes. While I’m glad that important building maintenance is not a financial issue or a physical chore my husband and I need to worry about given how ill we both are at the moment, the upshot of all hours of noisy work outside the window means all the pretty pristine snow I had just outside my bedroom window is now littered with dark brown dirt and sticks and such. No more pretty pics to post!

    I feel you on the tree thing too. I grew up in a college town on a very leafy street. When I moved back there after I got pregnant with Daughter I was devastated to see that the side yard where we had played and my parents had gardened was now parking for the bar next door, then further devastated during Daughter’s 1st and 2nd year as the college worked on becoming a university and cut down all the trees that made it a leafy street to make additional parking for the school. It’s really, really sad when trees get cut down. 😦


    • Moongazer says:

      We had one day of snow here, on boxing day, and one other shower that only stuck to the grass. Really we’ve had a quite mild winter in most of the UK. a few days of sunshine recently too.
      Snow is great – when its fresh and doesnt stay long. I love being out when its snowing. But I do feel for you with all the really low temperatures and the disruption of a bad winter. Its not good.
      I went past where they cut the tree down the other day – just flakes of sawdust left in the grass 😦
      Cutting them down for parking spaces is just plain wrong, isn’t it. Especially for a bar!!

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