Time, Time, Time

Hiya!! Cor blimey, it’s been a long time since I posted. Anybody still out there?? Yis, of course you are still there, I have dropped in from time to time to read a few posts πŸ˜€

So, where have I been? Well, to be perfectly honest with you, I found that my therapy was very……..well, it didn’t leave much head space for anything else, really, so I withdrew without realising that’s what I was doing. But I have been feeling the urge to write again, which has to be a good thing, and so here I am.Β  I can’t promise any kind of frequency – but then I never could, but me here again, and I am hoping you find that to be a good thing too πŸ˜€

Can I just say – a very big Thank You from the bottom of my heart to those lovely people who contacted me privately to see if I was ok. It meant an awful lot to me (((((hugs)))))

I still have a few weeks of therapy left, and it’s been gruelling at times, but I have come a long way, methinks, in understanding stuff better and there was a lifetime of stuff to wade through, the events of 2 years ago just brought it all to a head.

I am keeping my depression/mood on an even keel with my amino acids, I successfully got my blood pressure down using beetroot, and I have a car again – woohoo!!! Nowt fancy but it’s a good little car, and I am pleased with it πŸ˜€

My nail polish addiction is alive and well, and I have many pictures to post from recent months.

The kitty cats are all fine and happy. Rory still hasn’t lost any weight, despite cutting grain completely out of their diet,Β  but their coats are shinier and softer than ever before and we have had no recurrance of her gum problems.

We did have a change within the household tho, sadly, Littlun parted from her fiance so it’s back to being just us 3. My eldest is still very happy with her fella, which is good. And Littlun actually has a better social life now than she did before.

And this really isn’t the post I had planned to write LOL, but feeling the need to fill in a few gaps and come up to date, as it were.

Oh, and my lounge got finished…Tra La!!Β  It took the sofa company 3 tries to get our new seating right (gods, that was annoying!!) but it looks fab, and I also have photos of that to show you. (she says, hoping that people will notice I am back and want to visit my blog again).

Next project is the hall, which will be done over the autumn. Thankfully, My eldest’s other half can’t sit still – he loves to be doing stuff – and he has volunteered for the job, bless him.

I’m actually feeling quite excited about being back πŸ˜€Β  I hope everyone is ok, and that you have all had good things happening. But for now, I must try and sleep. Night night.


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18 Responses to Time, Time, Time

  1. Welcome back! Glad all is well! Grace, Peace & Blessings!

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  2. LydiaA1614 says:

    Welcome back, my dear friend! I have missed you terribly. You don’t know how many times I wanted to contact you privately and the only excuse I have for not is my fibro-fogged memory. I look forward to more posts however frequent or infrequent they are. Sorry to hear about Littlun’s breakup but glad she is doing well. Glad therapy is going well and yes, I know how hard it can be.

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  3. Mazel tov – for getting through therapy, for getting back to writing, for getting on with life. Looking forward to reading more.

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  4. Good to see you back and who is more important to you and your health than you?
    Take good care of yourself, otherwise who should take care of your loved ones?
    Enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚

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  5. It was very nice to see you appear on WordPress again. 🌸🌸🌸
    Glad you visited my blog, so I would realize you were back.
    Sending love and healing,
    Annie πŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸ‡πŸ’•

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    • Moongazer says:

      Annie!! Hiya!! Yes, I had a quick look at the Reader last night and it was good to see you. How are you?? I shall have to come and get caught up again πŸ™‚

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      • I’m hanging in there. You know how hard things can be. I did miss connecting with you on here, and am glad to see you are here.

        Its ok if you don’t do regular posting. Some times in our lives are not conducive to being able to blog all the time. But it is nice to know you’re okay and that you will post sometimes.

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  6. pauld says:

    think brains could do with a reset button or equivalent of an electronic file shredder for clearing out old clutter

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