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Did You Know This About Sleep?

Because I certainly didn’t, until I watched This Video from TedTalks this morning. Amazing!! Apparently, our brain has no lymph structures – the lymph system is what provides drainage of waste materials from our cells. But the brain doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Twilight Zone Moments

So, yesterday, I had been subdued and moochy most of the day, and then late afternoon I had cause to try and get into my Facebook account, which I have been unable to get into for months and months and … Continue reading

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Yis, We Are Slightly Mad

This is an actual conversation that took place via text the other day between me and Littlun Me: “I has a new dibber!! :)” Ltln: “Well I has a…erm……kitkat” Me: “LOL yaz numpty! Ya’ll get choccy goo on yaz screen!” … Continue reading

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Thems Not What You Think Thems Is…….

Honestly. These are not marrows. Yes, that is our cooker top. Yes, it’s a normal sized 4 ring cooker top. But thems is not marrows LOL Thems is courgettes 🙂 I kid you not. They are simply courgettes that have … Continue reading

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WTF? o_O

Ok, after trying yet another brand of herbal sleeping pills I have come to accept that I may as well just swallow water for all the good they do. But I bought this latest brand as I hadn’t tried them … Continue reading

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Sunny Sunday….or not

It really has been hot here today. Muggy. Unfortunately my Eldest has picked up a snotty bug from her new job, and I think she has passed it onto me 😦  which could well be accounting for some of my … Continue reading

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It is 11.30pm here in the UK, and it’s still 68 degrees F 😥 Definitely a night for sleeping nekkid, with industrial fans blowing at you from all directions. I shall have to make do with my little desk fan, … Continue reading

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The Wee Small Hours

Often find me unable to sleep. Sometimes it’s because my pain keeps me awake, sometimes I just cannot get comfortable due to tight muscles or muscle twitches and spasms, sometimes my thoughts won’t keep still. Tonight – my tinnitis is … Continue reading

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Don’t You Just Hate It…….

…..when you make a lovely cup of coffee…… and then forget about it until it’s gone cold? Ick, ick, icky!!

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Too Much at Once?

Does anyone else ever have days when they have several ideas/things to write about and end up writing about none of them? Or days when you start to write about one thing, and find it morphing into something else entirely, … Continue reading

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