FIELDS OF PAIN (Published)

It’s 3am and I can’t sleep. On a whim, I am reblogging one of my poems. I hope you like it 🙂

Moongazer's Meanderings of the Written Kind

Bitterly, I know of my misdeeds,
And the carnage that lies in my wake;
Myself among the ruins
Where your heart lay bleeding,
Until you passed it by.

I have returned there
To the battlefield;
In my dreams for so long, until –
Until I could sleep no longer.
So I went with conscience,
Repenting to that place;
And all I found were scars,
And two beating bloodied hearts.

When I heard their whispered moans
My soul recoiled
For there we lay
You and I,
Two disembodied lovers,
Our hearts;
Beating blindly against the cold
Beating still
Beyond the lives we live apart.

I took up my heart,
And brought it back to me;
But of yours,
When I wished to keep it as my own,
All I can say
Is how it twisted in my grasp,
Loath to go with the one who caused its pain.

My heart inside…

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