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My Absent Friend

Sleep………………….. Yep, tis 5.30 am and I have not been to sleep. I was doing so well,  but the last 10 days or so, the old pattern has crept back. Last night I decided to take my sleepy pills (both … Continue reading

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It’s Starting to Build :-(

It’s the early hours of Monday morning and the anxiety about the stuff that’s going to be happening is beginning to build. I keep wondering if the first session of therapy will be as hard as the assessment sessions were … Continue reading

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What a Night!

Just a little update and a massive thank you to everyone that was so supportive last night. Especially to Lydia and Jessie (((hugs))) I saw 4 am and then awoke at 5.37 am 😥 I am exhausted and wrung out. … Continue reading

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It was morning…….

And I found myself mourning…… Never could resist a bit of Marillion 😉 especially when their lyrics fit so well. Although the biggest grief for me in this precise moment is a night without sleep *sigh*. Yep, I took all … Continue reading

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