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Let’s Put Some Music On……..Ah Yes…..

That’s better 🙂  It was far too quiet, and my mood far too flat. Music helps both. (Cheap Trick – I want you to want me) Everyone has been out most of this weekend. Three of them spent the day … Continue reading

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Flares Are Not Just a Fashion Disaster

They are a disaster to the wellbeing of someone with Fibromyalgia too!! As a quick aside……who can remember when you bought jeans based on not only waist measurements but the width of the flares too? If I remember rightly 13 … Continue reading

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Starting to Feel Scared Now

Because I am at the dentist on Wednesday. To put it mildly, I am absolutely terrified of dentists. Here’s why: When I was little, during one visit I was given gas (no idea why) and it sent me into a … Continue reading

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Finding the Right Frame of Mind

Even on Friday the 13th 🙂 It’s kind of essential isn’t it, being in the right frame of mind to do something that is maybe new, or that you know is going to be hard in some way. Even if … Continue reading

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The End Of a Much Better Day

Yis. I am all tucked up in bed, warm and snug and today has been a good day. My pain levels are still riding high, but much better than they were on Monday, so I have actually achieved a few … Continue reading

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The End Of a Bad Day

I am glad it’s over. I hurt inside and out. I obviously did too much yesterday, even though it wasn’t much by most people’s standards. Earlier tonight, I lifted my arm and felt two muscles tear. I should have predicted … Continue reading

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Strange Dreams and Rain

Very heavy rain that is overflowing the gutters front and back and cascading against the wall loudly. But the wind has dropped and as I awoke at just before 3am, I knew it had as soon as I came to … Continue reading

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Yeah……..it’s hit me! The unusual ‘exertions’ of the last few days has left my body aching with an unpleasant throb of hurtiness 😦 I lay down to sleep last night, stretched to try and ease  the solidified muscle in my … Continue reading

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So Tired

I’ve had about 6 hours sleep in the last 48. That’s pretty bad. And even worse news for my FM. Yesterday was a pretty good day in terms of aches and pain. But today…..that insistent heavy ache has been very … Continue reading

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Having been up for part of yesterday and with the family in the evening, I then found I could not sleep. I was doing so well with that too. I removed a stressor and had 7 good nights sleep of … Continue reading

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