Talks Available for Final Day of Abundant Energy Summit

Tuesday, September 1st, at 10 A.M. Eastern, U.S. time.

Sarah Myhill

Sarah Myhill, MBBS

Rebooting Mitochondrial Function and Nutrient Status for Optimum Energy!

  • Basics of energy production in the body and the role of mitochondria and ATP
  • How to feed and reboot mitochondrial function and consequences of dysfunction
  • Importance of sleep, pacing, diet and basic nutrients for rebooting energy
Deitrich Klinghardt

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD

5 Levels of Healing as a Model for Holistic Approach to Optimum Energy and Wellbeing

  • 5 “bodies” to consider for health: physical, energetic, mental, intuitive and unity consciousness
  • Illness originates from any level and treatments must start where it originates
  • “Klinghardt Axiom” between unresolved emotional trauma, stored toxicity and microbial infection
William Walsh

William Walsh, PhD

Balancing Neurotransmitters for Optimum Mood and Energy!

  • History and effectiveness of nutritional therapy in mental health
  • Role nutrients and epigenetics play in managing anxiety and depression
  • How to test for key metabolic imbalances related to mental health
Ashok Gupta

Ashok Gupta, Researcher, Clinician

Amygdala Retraining: Rewire Your Brain for Optimum Energy

  • Brain neurology and the amygdala hypothesis of chronic fatigue
  • Techniques to retrain the brain and the amygdala
  • Role of meditation, attitude and belief, physical interventions and personality types
James Oschman

James Oschman, PhD

Energy Medicine and Earthing for Optimum Energy

  • Introduction to energy medicine and the “body electric”
  • How our bodies conducts electrons in a liquid crystalline structure
  • Definition of earthing, the barefoot revolution and ways to earth for sleep and energy
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Of Teeth and Ears

The teeth being my eldest’s, not mine, thankfully. In the space of a week she had a very traumatic extraction which involved part of her gum being cut away, then the tooth (which had grown in sideways) breaking into 3 pieces, followed 7 days later with 3 fillings. Poor lass. I went with her for the extraction and she was so upskittled by her experience I pushed my wheelchair half the way back home as she was in no fit state to push me.

The appointment for her fillings, she had to go by herself because just as I was about to get dressed she announced the appt was actually in 10 minutes time, not the 40 minutes that I was working to *sigh*, but compared to the extraction, the fillings were a breeze apparently.

Ears…yis. Mine have spent the best part of 30 hours in the last few days listening to most of the talks in the Abundant Energy Summit

One of the speakers was Dr Myhill, and tomorrow they are airing the 5 most popular talks again, so there is still chance for you to register and go have a listen.

There was a lot of very interesting information covered, from various different therapeutic angles, and some of the talks got quite technical, and others were very easy to listen to. I will admit that I had to have yesterday off from the listening as, after 4-5 hours of listening for each of the previous 5 days, it felt a bit like my brain was turning to mush. It was heavy going on my poor old brain cells.

Non the less, I enjoyed it, and I have made notes of topics of interest to investigate further. I also learned some interesting facts. For instance, did you know that the electrical activity of your brain can be measured up to an inch away from your head? Or that the magnetic field of your body can be measured up to 3 feet away? Amazing!!

There was a lot of emphasis on proper nutrition as a means of relieving CFS, and this was expanded out to include the health of your gut and food intolerances. There was also detailed information about detoxing, which is of course part of Dr Myhill’s protocol.

In her talk, Dr Myhill mentioned taking Glutathione. Now, I cannot remember that being in the book, and I have done a bit of research on it, and it seems that Glutathione is a tricky one for the body to metabolise and use, so it might be better to take Glycine (which I do already) and Glutamate so the body can make it’s own Glutathione. Madly, I ordered some Glutamate this time last year, then couldn’t for the life of me remember why LOL. But I will do more research and report back on what I find out.

The last 2 days went into the psychological aspects of CFS, and the way being ill can be traumatic, which actually makes things worse, and whilst some people might feel that the topics touched on the ‘esoteric’, I found them really interesting. And it has all reminded me that I need to refresh my spiritual leanings and bring them back into focus.

One of the things I found interesting is how we talk to ourselves – our inner script – and how that can impact on our wellbeing. It doesn’t hurt to be reminded of these things.

Here’s a list of the websites I noted down for further investigation.

And some key words I noted down:


shuman resonance

Fennell 4 phase treatment

So, there you go – a very brief overview of the week’s intense schedule.

It is beyond my capabilities to go into much more detail, but hopefully I have provided enough web addresses and key words for further research on how these things relate to CFS


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What a Week!!

Today I am wearing lead. Well, that’s what it feels like – as though each part of me is wearing lead weights. It’s just been one of those weeks!

I survived my moochiness and my second therapy session went well. I really warmed to the therapist as he used the term “fucked up” LOL  I like the down to earth attitude 😀

But we have a poorly washing machine that they can’t come to fix until Friday o_O and we have had a poorly Zoe. Bless her. She has had terrible trots and sickness since last Thursday. She would pick up a bit, then flag the next day, so when she wasn’t better we took her to the vets yesterday. She would gobble down the dehydrated chicken treats, then they’d come back up, and we’ve all devoted a lot of time to cleaning up, coaxing her to eat just a little and trying to make sure she has had water, but that isn’t an easy task.

Sunday night. Poorly girl :(

Sunday night. Poorly girl 😦

The taxi driver that picked us up to take her was an arsehole though. He wouldn’t let me take Zoe (in her basket) inside the car. No, she had to go in the boot!! My Eldest spent the journey twisted to one side with her arm reaching over to hold the basket and make sure it didn’t topple over.

If we hadn’t been in a rush to get to the appointment I would have phoned for another taxi, but we spent the journey making pointed comments about how cats are as intelligent as small children and how scared she must be. The atmosphere was ‘tight’. I rang the taxi firm and made a complaint and asked that that driver not be sent to us again. The response was “Don’t worry, words will be had”.

The vet was very vague actually. It could be a bug, it could be something she ate, she could give antibiotics but they might make it worse. But she had a really good feel around (much to Zoe’s disgust) all around her tummy and along her spine and neck, as Zoe had been refusing to take food from the floor or bowl, so the concern was there was something physically preventing her. Personally I think it was a result of sore muscles from all the retching and straining. She was also showing signs of dehydration.

The vet prescribed Zantac liquid and we gave Zoe a dose when we got back. But I am never putting her through that again. I let her sniff the syringe and she absolutely recoiled from it. I towelled her and handed the kitty bundle to my Eldest, while I administered the liquid. There was an almost instant eruption of froth from Zoe’s mouth and she started working her tongue like mad to get rid of the taste. She legged it to the back door, but we’d locked the catflap to prevent escape, and as she turned around she had 3 inch long, thick strands of drool hanging from each side of her mouth. My immediate thought was to give her some milk. Before anyone exclaims about not giving cats milk – Zoe has been having goats milk all her life.  Well, she fell on this bowl of creamy goodness, bless her.

We baked a fresh chicken breast in tin foil to keep it as moist as possible and hand fed it to her. And today, Thank the Starry Skies, Zoe is much better. She has had a wee, there has been no more trotty botty and she even managed a brief play earlier – batting at the splotches of paint on the landing floorboards LOL

With all the washing out of litter trays and the walking and Kitty wrestling I did yesterday, I am cream crackered today, hence the lead suit I feel like I am wearing.

Oh, and I have war wounds 😦

wpid-20150817_140101.jpgThat’s just 3 of them!! Little Zoe does everything delicately, she even takes food from your hand carefully with her teeth and pulls away before properly scoffing it but when it comes to the cat basket………my arm was something to grab onto, bless her.

She soon forgave me though, and was a complete love- sponge whenever I sat down, nuzzling and head bumping for snuggles.

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Twilight Zone Moments

So, yesterday, I had been subdued and moochy most of the day, and then late afternoon I had cause to try and get into my Facebook account, which I have been unable to get into for months and months and months.  Amazingly, and very strangely, I was able to log in, and I was spotted straight away by a friend from America that I used to play one of the games with. It was nice chatting to her again 🙂

Aaanyway……..I discovered a folder I had never seen before in the messages section, and I glanced in……………and you could have knocked me over with a feather – seriously.

There was a message in there….from 18 months ago ……when I was still active on FB, from one of my best friends from school. OMFG!! We found each other about 14 years ago, and had spoken on the phone a couple of times, when we got burgled. All his contact info was on the computer that got stolen, and we lost touch again.

I have hunted for this dude so many times over the years, and there he was sat in a secret inbox for the last 18 months!!  I replied, he replied this morning, and it has seriously made my year!! My entire year!!! 😀

There was also another message in that folder that had been there a few months, and this one made me cry my eyes out. It was from an old friend of my mum’s, that I remember from when I was small. She had stumbled on my name on a picture and got in touch to see how mum and dad were.

It was awful, eye-blurringly awful to write back to her to tell her about mum passing away a year ago that very day. Her reply to me was both delighted to hear from me and so sorrowful at the same time.

Two huge blasts from the past.

I’m not sure what to make of it in one way, I mean, there is a real poignancy about it.

But I am VERY excited to chat to my old friend again, I have missed him greatly over the years, and it’s given me a real, much needed lift 😀

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Let’s Put Some Music On……..Ah Yes…..

That’s better 🙂  It was far too quiet, and my mood far too flat. Music helps both.

(Cheap Trick – I want you to want me)

Everyone has been out most of this weekend. Three of them spent the day shopping in Sheffield, while the fourth one worked. Today one is at work, one is out with friends, and the other two are out Geocaching. I think that’s how you spell it.

(Killing Joke – Love like Blood)

For anyone wondering what Geocaching is, it’s when you go in search of items hidden by other Geocachers. Inside each item is a piece of paper for you to write your Geocaching name, the date etc before you put the item back.  It’s a worldwide phenomena, and something I would have done with the girls when they were little, had it been around back then. More info HERE

(Sonique – It feels so good)

As it involves a lot of walking, it’s not something I can take part in 😦  So I have been on my own a lot this weekend. Apart from yesterday evening when they brought home a KFC and after they had shared the day’s purchases and experiences with me, we sat and watched Seventh Son. It was ok…ish. If I hadn’t read the books I might have enjoyed it, but about the only things it had in common with the books were the names of the characters. Such a shame too. The KFC was good though  🙂 And they’d all had a good day out, were happy and relaxed

(Simple Minds – Somewhere in Summertime)

(Gary Moore – Wishing Well)

(Visage – Fade to Grey)

(Linkin Park – What I’ve Done)

And they are now all home, and the aroma of Roast Pork is drifting up the stairs to me.

How am I?

Well, the zopiclone is definitely making a difference, and I have dragged my going to sleep time back from between 4 & 6 am to approx 2am. This is progress, and each night until the 2 weeks supply runs out, I will keep bringing the time back. It would be nice to get to the right side of midnight.

(Barclay James Harvest – Paper Wings)

My therapy session was ok. The therapist is a nice enough chap. He’s about my age, which is good. It would be weird talking to someone younger than me about all this heavy duty stuff, I think.

But boy is he perceptive!! Scarily so, in one instance. I felt a bit ‘put on the spot’ at that point, but it passed. I have 24 more weeks, although this might be extended if it seems appropriate nearer the time.

(Nelly Furtado – Say It Right)

I have taken my L-Carnitine the last 2 days as well, although I am struggling to get the 12.5 grams of d-ribose in. I am trying to use up the ‘wafers’ and each one is 1.5 grams, but by the time I have chewed my way through 2, I can’t face anymore for hours, so I am only getting about 6 grams so far. BUT – I am feeling a change. My pain levels were greatly reduced yesterday, and are about the same today. But I think that is the improvement in my sleep.

(Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper)

I was up and about yesterday, but have just stayed in my room today. Not doing anything of any significance. Just mooching.

I have been quite tearful this week. I cried several times whilst watching the Jennifer Aniston film Cake yesterday afternoon, she portrays chronic pain very well indeed. I move like that LOL but the story itself is very sad. I recommend it, though be aware if you have lost anyone – that you may cry.

(Marillion – Jigsaw)

(Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams)

The number of blog posts I have read and felt myself welling up to, is mad. Songs too – a particular line and my vision is blurry. I am hormonal, which isn’t helping, then there is this start of the therapy process, and of course – the biggy – tomorrow being the first anniversary of my mum passing.

We are all feeling it. Despite the good times I have described so far, there is a muting, a subdued air.

(Keane – Emily)

I am here for my girls if they need me, but I am not ready to talk about it. No doubt my therapist will hear some of it next week.

(Underworld – Born Slippy)

I guess emotionally I just a bit all over the place. I’m all contrary too. I want company but I don’t. I can’t focus to read to lose myself in a book. I don’t feel like watching anything today. I think I might go and sit in the garden with my earphones for a bit.

If I am not around for a few days, don’t worry about me. I know I owe emails – I will get round to them, I promise. It’s taken me over 2 hours to write this post, which will give you an indication of how I am at the moment.

(((((((hugs)))))))) to everyone………………





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Some Interesting Reading

I get an email from this website because they have a lot of interesting articles all in one place.

There were a few good one’s on today’s email – worth a read 🙂

Amino acids to aid sleep

More info on D-Ribose

A new mitochondria booster. We can prob do it cheaper LOL but some interesting snippets of research

Turmeric Article


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Not a Total Success

But an improvement.

Last night I took 2 herbal Nytol and then half an hour later I took a zopiclone. I fell asleep quickly, which was blissfull in itself, but then I woke up at 2.30 am O_o.

I followed Dr Myhill’s advice and didn’t turn my light on. But I was getting frazzled, thinking that if not even zopiclone helps, then I am doomed 😦

So I grabbed my phone and turned the light filter up to 79%, which meant it didn’t give off enough light to see anything by, but was still ok to read and I read a few blog posts. After an hour, I still wasn’t feeling it, so I took a normal Nytol and turned my phone off. The sky was just starting to lighten outside.

Next thing I know is I am being woken up at NOON!!

10418261_10154802441540440_5738700556627906916_nBut I do feel like I have slept.  I think most of us with FM/CFS can relate to how novel a sensation that is.

So, tonight, the night I not only need to sleep well, AND be up and functioning early, I am going to take all 3 sleep aids at 9pm and it will be lights out.

And then, hopefully, I will be shattered come evening and won’t need all 3.

The overall aim, as well as good quality sleep is to (as the pic says) reclaim my days back from all encompassing fatigue.

I have my D-Ribose powder and L-Carnitine capsules now, as they arrived today. As did Passiflora tincture that I had ordered to add in at night with the herbals that don’t contain it.

I have also bought some beetroot capsules for my blood pressure as whilst the beetroot juice with blackcurrant and apple is nice, it’s still a struggle to swallow it each morning when I am used to apple and elderflower. And whilst I like beetroot, trying to eat them each and every day……………they stop being so enjoyable. And the capsules work out ALOT cheaper than the juice.

It’s going to take a while to get everything ironed out and for a pattern/routine to emerge. With sleep being the biggest hurdle to begin with. And as I only have 2 weeks of zopiclone, I only have 2 weeks to sort my sleep pattern out.

I will tackle eating paleo once my sleep is in some kind of routine, as that will be the next biggest hurdle for me.  But I did try it once before – about 4 years ago, and found it unsustainable because of my allergies and with a family to cook for. I might have to just aim for a mostly paleo, even tho Dr Myhill seems to consider it to be really important, an allergy is an allergy (I carry an epipen) and I cannot get around it. So, if the family has pasta, I will have wild rice. If the family has anything with potatoes, I will just have extra vegetables and not potatoes.

I will miss chocolate tho – BIG STYLE!!

The rest of today I am going to chill out with a bit of Netflix, change my bedding in easy stages LOL, and have a long shower 🙂

See you all tomorrow after my therapy session


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My GP is a Star!!!

I had my telephone consultation with her today and I told her all about the book by Dr Myhill.

She had already seen some of the research that shows that the source of CFS/Fibro is due to mitochondrial failure and she agrees it makes sense.

I explained about the sleep side of things and how I am still struggling and the minute I told her about my psychotherapy starting this week she said that without a doubt I need to be rested for that.

She has prescribed two weeks of higher strength zopiclone for me!! Thank the Starry Skies!!!

So I now have a chance to get a normal sleeping pattern going again.

I came off the phone and just burst into tears of relief. My brain has been wittering about the call, and I fully expected to be turned down. The tears were just sheer relief.

I was very, very down yesterday, but I have that sense of hope back again 🙂

My GP stressed again that they cannot prescribe it long term. But she is going to buy the book. I can only hope that what she reads will influence a change in that current policy.

I am really, seriously looking forward to some proper, decent healing sleep tonight.

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It’s Starting to Build :-(

It’s the early hours of Monday morning and the anxiety about the stuff that’s going to be happening is beginning to build.

I keep wondering if the first session of therapy will be as hard as the assessment sessions were last year.

Or will it be easier because I’m not the complete wreck that I was then?

Or will the very fact I’m not actually make it harder?

Will I relapse????

I feel that I beat the clinical depression. But the fear of it returning is still very real.

Anxiety is quite another matter. It likes to sneak up on me unawares from time to time. The most effective tool I have ever used against anxiety is “Don’t think about it – just do it”. But the run up to things…….I can’t keep it from intruding into my thoughts.

On the day itself, I will be able to take a deep breath and utter those words – “Dont think about it. Just do it.” But not yet.

Then there is the first anniversary that is approaching.  I know this will be discussed during therapy.  And I don’t know how I feel about that. There are things I came to realise in bits and pieces over the last 15 – 20 years that got confirmed, without a shadow of a doubt, in the weeks that followed.

Confirmed in writing no less.

I read a post tonight, about scapegoating. I always knew I was the black sheep of the family. Goats……sheep……in this case, it seems there is no difference.

The other 3 had golden fleeces.

I have stuff to do tomorrow. I plan to try and keep myself busy. To try not to think. 

There is an undercurrent of change in the air… those faint hints of autumn you can smell on the breeze long before the leaves begin to turn. 

I just need to get through. To reach the other side.

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Turmeric as a painkiller

I think this is definitely worth a try. Especially if you have trouble tolerating standard painkillers, or want to keep the ones you use now for flare ups 🙂

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