My Absent Friend


Yep, tis 5.30 am and I have not been to sleep. I was doing so well,  but the last 10 days or so, the old pattern has crept back.

Last night I decided to take my sleepy pills (both types of nytol) at 7pm, in the hopes of falling asleep around midnight. Midnight came and went so I took another one of each, and still no success.

Not sure what to do now to get back on track. Should I try and stay awake now for as long as possible? I need to get a shower today, but don’t want to be doing that if I am fall down tired yet sleepless.  But I have an appointment on wednesday and another one on thursday that I need to be up and active for so desperately need to sleep at night before each one.

It’s mad. Frustrating, and it undermines every step forward I make in every other way.

Think I may need to phone the Dr again and make a plea for zopiclone *sigh*

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18 Responses to My Absent Friend

  1. pedanticscouser says:

    well i’ve been awake since 13:30 this morning, just managed to get 1 hour thats it


    • Moongazer says:

      Its awful isnt it?! Have you tried anything to help you?


      • pedanticscouser says:

        No, its a long story, two days of not much sleep so far.
        Funny how i’m not getting any notifications from WP, its only when i specifically look i saw this

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        • Moongazer says:

          I can go for weeks sometimes when WP doesnt send notificatins to my phone as it should do. Someone has probably been trying to improve things again *rolls eyes*.
          Yeah – I have managed a total of 4 hours sleep in the last 48 – it’s ridiculous. I hurt all over, which just doesnt help matters *grump*
          If you need to talk about your long story, my email is always open ((((hugs))))

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  2. Donna says:

    I know it is not great to use but it does allowme to sleep


  3. Okay, so I’m going to stop complaining about my (relatively) sleepless nights. Good luck!


  4. Trisha says:

    Sorry to hear sleep has abandoned you again. Insomnia has got to be one of the most frustrating things to experience and, like you say, it undermines all the other steps you take toward wellness. I hope your doctor will prescribe something to help you out. One of the things I liked about Dr. T’s book was how he stressed the importance of taking whatever you need to get sleep. I wish all other doctors recognized the importance for sleep. I can’t remember if I asked you this before – have you tried passionflower?


    • Moongazer says:

      I think I am going to present it to my gp as a treatment for my fm as opposed to just sleep, if you see what i mean. She keeps offering me low dose anti depressants instead but i wont take them ever again.
      I did try passionflower tincture and it helped for a while. I was taking 25 drops a night but then it seemed to lose its effectiveness and i ran out a few days ago.


  5. MjBee says:

    I use Phenergan/promethazine which you can buy over the counter where I live, not too sure about where you live and I have this deal with my dr…10 zopiclone every 8 weeks. But if I take 10-20mgs of promethazine and like 1/5 of a zopiclone, lights out. I used to be a terrible terrible insomniac, its cruel and horrible and makes life so hard to live. Valerian root is meant to be quite effective, works on same receptors as benzodiazepines, but is natural and you can buy it pretty cheap online…or have you tried highish doses of magnesium or melatonin. Hope you get some sleep, I hate going to appointments when im tired like that..xo

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    • Moongazer says:

      Hiya! Phenargan rings a bell with me,,,,possible as one of those things that is an ingredient in other medicines. I haven’t tried it, but I will definitely look into it, thank you.
      Melatonin isn’t available in the UK over the counter. The best I can do is to take the pre-cursors to it, like 5-htp which I successfully took last year for depression. That is definitely worth me thinking about again. I do take high doses of magnesium already, and glycine which is meant to be calming.
      I am glad to hear your doctor will give you some zopiclone on a regular basis. I know it’s addictive, but hey….so is sleep!! In the last 48 ish hours I have managed a grand total of 4 hours sleep. I cancelled my appointment yesterday because I felt like the dog’s dinner LOL but went to my therapy today, and he is very concerned that my lack of sleep will pull me back into depression – so that might give me some leverage with the gp over the zopiclone.
      The herbal Nytol has valerian, but I have ordered a tincture of valerian, lemonbalm and passion flower as I think the tinctures tend to be….fresher somehow. So fingers crossed!
      Thank you for commenting and nice to meet you 🙂


      • MjBee says:

        Phenergan is used primarily as an antihistamine. Annnd Miley Cyrus and Lil Wayne have rapped about it in their music lol..apparently you mix it with codeine and liquor and can have a jolly merry time. Sounds like a recipe for sleep and vomiting to me however!!! Ah yeah I couldn’t get melatonin over the counter here and it wasn’t a subsidized drug, so was damn expensive. I never found it any good though, some people do though. Zopiclone can def be addictive, but I generally can regulate sleep patterns within a week or two once discontinuing it. Have you ever tried like bed time yoga off youtube. Sounds like fuzzy shit compared to the likes of zopiclone. But it was helpful to me. Ive tried like everything for sleep aids and have been a bad sleeper since I was a kid so shit, I feel your pain. I hope you can get some sleep soon. Do you know why youre not sleeping, does your brain just not shut the hell up? Let me know how you get on with the valerian!!! Best of luck hun, will be thinking of you !!! xo

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        • Moongazer says:

          The non herbal Nytol I use is an antihistamine 🙂
          The new tincture is working quite well. Last night I was asleep from about 8.30 til 7am. But I had only had 4 hrs again in the ptevious 2 nights. Tonight I managed 6 hrs but I’ve been awake since 4am 😦
          Poor sleep is a part of fibromyalgia. Its hard to explain. Sometimes pain gets in the way of sleep, sometimes you can sleep 14 hrs but not feel rested because with FM you dont get to that deep, restorative level of sleep 😦

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  6. lydiaa1614 says:

    Three am has become my “early” bedtime for several weeks now and last night I got to sleep at 5:30 am. The alarm goes off at 8:30 am as I have to take my first set of meds and the pets take that as a cue that they should be fed. Sometimes I can go back, but more often than not I get checking email or just can’t fall back. So then I end up with a long nap in the afternoon and the cycle repeats.

    I do hope things are getting better for you dear friend.



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