Of Teeth and Ears

The teeth being my eldest’s, not mine, thankfully. In the space of a week she had a very traumatic extraction which involved part of her gum being cut away, then the tooth (which had grown in sideways) breaking into 3 pieces, followed 7 days later with 3 fillings. Poor lass. I went with her for the extraction and she was so upskittled by her experience I pushed my wheelchair half the way back home as she was in no fit state to push me.

The appointment for her fillings, she had to go by herself because just as I was about to get dressed she announced the appt was actually in 10 minutes time, not the 40 minutes that I was working to *sigh*, but compared to the extraction, the fillings were a breeze apparently.

Ears…yis. Mine have spent the best part of 30 hours in the last few days listening to most of the talks in the Abundant Energy Summit

One of the speakers was Dr Myhill, and tomorrow they are airing the 5 most popular talks again, so there is still chance for you to register and go have a listen.

There was a lot of very interesting information covered, from various different therapeutic angles, and some of the talks got quite technical, and others were very easy to listen to. I will admit that I had to have yesterday off from the listening as, after 4-5 hours of listening for each of the previous 5 days, it felt a bit like my brain was turning to mush. It was heavy going on my poor old brain cells.

Non the less, I enjoyed it, and I have made notes of topics of interest to investigate further. I also learned some interesting facts. For instance, did you know that the electrical activity of your brain can be measured up to an inch away from your head? Or that the magnetic field of your body can be measured up to 3 feet away? Amazing!!

There was a lot of emphasis on proper nutrition as a means of relieving CFS, and this was expanded out to include the health of your gut and food intolerances. There was also detailed information about detoxing, which is of course part of Dr Myhill’s protocol.

In her talk, Dr Myhill mentioned taking Glutathione. Now, I cannot remember that being in the book, and I have done a bit of research on it, and it seems that Glutathione is a tricky one for the body to metabolise and use, so it might be better to take Glycine (which I do already) and Glutamate so the body can make it’s own Glutathione. Madly, I ordered some Glutamate this time last year, then couldn’t for the life of me remember why LOL. But I will do more research and report back on what I find out.

The last 2 days went into the psychological aspects of CFS, and the way being ill can be traumatic, which actually makes things worse, and whilst some people might feel that the topics touched on the ‘esoteric’, I found them really interesting. And it has all reminded me that I need to refresh my spiritual leanings and bring them back into focus.

One of the things I found interesting is how we talk to ourselves – our inner script – and how that can impact on our wellbeing. It doesn’t hurt to be reminded of these things.

Here’s a list of the websites I noted down for further investigation.










And some key words I noted down:


shuman resonance

Fennell 4 phase treatment

So, there you go – a very brief overview of the week’s intense schedule.

It is beyond my capabilities to go into much more detail, but hopefully I have provided enough web addresses and key words for further research on how these things relate to CFS


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16 Responses to Of Teeth and Ears

  1. Gluthione must be in the book because I’ve started taking it and I’ve not read any other research recently so it can’t be anywhere else. Can you let me know if there’s anything important I need to add to my protocol? I’m interested in the research but those websites are going to take a while to go through so knowing the practical bit of what I should be doing in advance would be helpful if you have the brain power to tell me.

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    • Moongazer says:

      Oh bugger. I think I need to read it again because I seriously cannot recall it. But I believe you. I can’t imagine you’d buy it if it wasn’t.
      I’ve just been to catch up on your blog, and it’s hard for me to say if you are missing anything because you’ve not blogged about the protocol specifically. But you did mention you aren’t sleeping. I would make this your number one priority. I have been sleeping better (until tonight that is) but I still need to work on it. Dr Myhill reckons approx 9 hours sleep are needed. I am getting a minimum of 7 now, but I am taking passionflower tincture, then 2 herbal nytol tablets and then about half an hour later when I feel them starting to work, I take 2 normal nytols. The two weeks I had zopiclone from the dr were brilliant, I woke up and felt like I could get out of bed immediately. But I know she won’t prescribe any more of those for several months (you can buy them online but it’s like Β£43 for 28 pills!!) so I upped the normal nytols and it’s helping me get off to sleep, but I am waking up groggy and I could easily go back to sleep again – but I want to try and normalise my pattern. I have brought my going to sleep time back from between 4-6am to between 12 and 2 am (apart from tonight because I have terrible heartburn) but I know I can improve my going to sleep time if I am strict with myself, which means starting my bedtime routine about 8pm. But then I miss out on the family coming home from work and I don’t want that. I need to strike a balance somehow.
      But definitely prioritise your sleep, sweetheart. As Dr Myhill says, sleep is the foundation and nothing else will work until that is much improved.
      As I go through the websites and research from the talks, I will post about it, but it could take me a while. But register and listen to those talks as you might find something unique to you in them, that I wouldn’t pick up on. Today is the last day they’ll be available for free (((((hugs)))))

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      • I will try and look at those talks but I’ve got a busy day. My sleep has improved since I blogged about it but I’m still waking up several times a night for the toilet, but I get headaches if I don’t drink at least 4 litres a day so there’s not much I can do about getting up for the toilet. Then while I’m up I have a cigarette (which is what I’m doing as I write this). The quitting smoking is my main focus at the moment but I will also focus on my sleep. I had a really good nights sleep Saturday night- was asleep by 11 but Sunday night (now) I was up until 12:30 and now I’m awake again at 3:30. It doesn’t usually take me long to get back to sleep once I’ve slept the first time though which is lucky. I’m getting about 12 hours sleep each night as I also sleep all morning and then I sometimes have a nap on top of that so my pattern might be bad but the hours are there. The other parts of the protocol I’m doing are the supplements Dr Myhill recommends and the detox baths. I’m trying to eat healthily but I’m not doing the Stone Age diet. I really should blog about it properly. Thanks for the advice anyway ((hugs))


  2. Ouchie teeth. Hope that’s all fine now.
    We are little bundles of electrical energy zapping – why some worry about how some high powered equipment interacts with a nearby person’s biology (and their own body’s electrical system) Some day research will catch up. Fascinating stuff
    Funny how old aunts used to say “Never say/think bad stuff about yourself – there are plenty of others perfectly willing to do that to/for you, so why do it to yourself?” Somehow makes sense with the “inner script” concept?

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    • Moongazer says:

      It’s funny you should say that, as at least 2 of the speakers said that conventional medicine is about 50 years behind all the ‘functional medicine’ and I can believe that. Personally I worry more about the pollutants that surround us – chemical pollutants, that is. All we can do is try and de-tox in as practical a way as possible. The speaker who mentioned the body’s magnetic field said he wasn’t going to get into the realms of auras, but between his research and the holographic universe type theoretical physics, (string theory?) it looks to me as though science is actually catching up with ancient philosophy at last.
      Yes, the inner script made a lot of sense to me. And I do (well, I used to) fit the typical personality type that they spoke about – the person who is always busy, always has something on the go, works in the evenings and does alot for other people. Even now, I cannot just watch TV, for instancce, I have to knit at the same time. And my brain is always busy, even if it can’t recall things properly anymore (which is hugely frustrating because I used to have a very good memory) And there I go, you see – as I just typed that, my inner voice was beginning to berate me for being so useless compared to how I used to be before I got ill. LOL Controlling that inner script takes a lot of willpower and determination, but I know it can be done. Dammit, I used to teach the techniques as part of ‘life skills’ to disaffected teenagers.
      Also – not absorbing what those other people might say about you, is also important, but much harder methinks.
      My eldest has one more filling to go now, but her sore gum is much improved, thank you πŸ™‚


  3. Trisha says:

    I hope your daughter is feeling better after her tooth ordeal. Having dental work can be so traumatizing!

    Thank you for the info on the websites. I will write those down to explore! I kind of remember the book mentioning glutathione but I don’t remember what it said about it! I need to go back and re-read the protocol and write it down this time. I’m already slacking in my attempt to get nine hours of sleep. I hope your brain and ears are starting to recover from so much listening and processing!

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    • Moongazer says:

      Thank you Trisha πŸ™‚
      Glutathione is an antioxidant, that also helps vitamin C and E be recycled within the cells (if I remember correctly) and is actually really important in terms of detoxing and efficient cell function, but I have read that as the body makes it, it isnt easily absorbed, so I am going to be taking the pre-cursors to it instead, basically giving the cells the ingredients they need to make it xx


      • Trisha says:

        Thank you for reminding me about what glutathione is. I think I need to re-read the book and take notes this time! Taking the precursors to glutathione sounds like a good idea so I’ll look into that. I hope you are doing and feeling well. I’m behind on my blog reading but I’m hoping to catch up today to see what you’ve been up to. πŸ™‚

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        • Moongazer says:

          I haven’t been around much 😦 and I am way behind on what everyone is up to as well. I also owe a couple of emails, but hope to get caught up soon.
          Dr Myhill’s website is very informative on the same topics that she covers in the book, so you have that option if you happen to be online πŸ™‚
          My pre-cursors arrived today, so will update in due course xx


  4. pedanticscouser says:

    But just remember what dentists where like when we were young all those years (decades) ago. None of the fancy equipment that’s around today, some dentists still had the old fashioned drills and you could see the cogs and gear going round, then there was the big old gas bottle in corner for gassing you πŸ™‚

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