What a Week!!

Today I am wearing lead. Well, that’s what it feels like – as though each part of me is wearing lead weights. It’s just been one of those weeks!

I survived my moochiness and my second therapy session went well. I really warmed to the therapist as he used the term “fucked up” LOL  I like the down to earth attitude 😀

But we have a poorly washing machine that they can’t come to fix until Friday o_O and we have had a poorly Zoe. Bless her. She has had terrible trots and sickness since last Thursday. She would pick up a bit, then flag the next day, so when she wasn’t better we took her to the vets yesterday. She would gobble down the dehydrated chicken treats, then they’d come back up, and we’ve all devoted a lot of time to cleaning up, coaxing her to eat just a little and trying to make sure she has had water, but that isn’t an easy task.

Sunday night. Poorly girl :(

Sunday night. Poorly girl 😦

The taxi driver that picked us up to take her was an arsehole though. He wouldn’t let me take Zoe (in her basket) inside the car. No, she had to go in the boot!! My Eldest spent the journey twisted to one side with her arm reaching over to hold the basket and make sure it didn’t topple over.

If we hadn’t been in a rush to get to the appointment I would have phoned for another taxi, but we spent the journey making pointed comments about how cats are as intelligent as small children and how scared she must be. The atmosphere was ‘tight’. I rang the taxi firm and made a complaint and asked that that driver not be sent to us again. The response was “Don’t worry, words will be had”.

The vet was very vague actually. It could be a bug, it could be something she ate, she could give antibiotics but they might make it worse. But she had a really good feel around (much to Zoe’s disgust) all around her tummy and along her spine and neck, as Zoe had been refusing to take food from the floor or bowl, so the concern was there was something physically preventing her. Personally I think it was a result of sore muscles from all the retching and straining. She was also showing signs of dehydration.

The vet prescribed Zantac liquid and we gave Zoe a dose when we got back. But I am never putting her through that again. I let her sniff the syringe and she absolutely recoiled from it. I towelled her and handed the kitty bundle to my Eldest, while I administered the liquid. There was an almost instant eruption of froth from Zoe’s mouth and she started working her tongue like mad to get rid of the taste. She legged it to the back door, but we’d locked the catflap to prevent escape, and as she turned around she had 3 inch long, thick strands of drool hanging from each side of her mouth. My immediate thought was to give her some milk. Before anyone exclaims about not giving cats milk – Zoe has been having goats milk all her life.  Well, she fell on this bowl of creamy goodness, bless her.

We baked a fresh chicken breast in tin foil to keep it as moist as possible and hand fed it to her. And today, Thank the Starry Skies, Zoe is much better. She has had a wee, there has been no more trotty botty and she even managed a brief play earlier – batting at the splotches of paint on the landing floorboards LOL

With all the washing out of litter trays and the walking and Kitty wrestling I did yesterday, I am cream crackered today, hence the lead suit I feel like I am wearing.

Oh, and I have war wounds 😦

wpid-20150817_140101.jpgThat’s just 3 of them!! Little Zoe does everything delicately, she even takes food from your hand carefully with her teeth and pulls away before properly scoffing it but when it comes to the cat basket………my arm was something to grab onto, bless her.

She soon forgave me though, and was a complete love- sponge whenever I sat down, nuzzling and head bumping for snuggles.

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26 Responses to What a Week!!

  1. pedanticscouser says:

    “baked Chicken breast”, can I come for tea, LOL.

    Isnt Zantac used for stomach ulcers ?

    nice wound !.

    “Fucked Up”, yeh, that’s a good old fashioned technical term we used to use at work a lot 🙂

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    • Moongazer says:

      Hello you 🙂 You’d be more than welcome, but for a plain baked chicken breast? We can do much better than that LOL
      Yes, zantac is a human drug used to ease sore stomachs. Its a kind of antacid I think.
      You might like the link I posted on fb earlier 🙂

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  2. Good to read that she’s doing much better today. Send you my best wishes 😉

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  3. New Journey says:

    Hope she’s better….

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  4. Oh, poor Zoe. No doubt you do have war wounds. Glad to hear she’s better. You just feel so helpless when they are ill. Chicken broth sometimes helps (But our RC turned up her nose at even that recently. A lap or two of milk never hurt her – or a bit of good quality vanilla ice cream which our vet said was OK and was good when she is feeling poorly)
    Nothing like a contented purr after a rough patch

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    • Moongazer says:

      It sounds like your RC and my Zoe are kindred spirits when it comes to dairy products 😀 Zoe can hear a yoghurt pot opening from miles away, it seems. Good old fashioned remedies…..home made chickeny things and milk 😀

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  5. plus+beauty27 says:

    Awe I am so sorry to hear about your poor kitty! I hope she feels better soon! ❤ xo

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  6. Hoping you and Zoe feel better 🙂

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  7. beverley says:

    I hope Zoe really quickly, as this is how Jasper started being ill x

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  8. magickmogwai says:

    I’m so glad she seems ok now. I hate it when my cars or rabbit look ill I always worry about them so much.

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  9. This post coming up on my reader scared me for a moment. I thought you had been self harming for a moment from that picture. Took me a second to realise they were just scratches and you are chaos cats and chronic pain so of course it must be the cat. Hope she’s back to full health soon, preferably without causing you anymore injuries 🙂

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  10. Trisha says:

    Poor little Zoe. And poor you! Taking care of sick cats is so hard. They are just not cooperative patients! I’m glad to hear she’s feeling better. I hope you can get some rest and feel better too.

    I’m wearing lead too! I swear the atmosphere must have gotten heavier somehow!

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    • Moongazer says:

      Yes!! Its just as if gravity has become more powerful but only on you! (((hugs))) I hope it passes soon for you Trisha. I’ve had no choice but to rest today coz I’m stiff as a board after a difficult day yesterday. Being mum to cats and kids can be very hard work with FM.


      • Trisha says:

        Yes, it sure can be. Sometimes the cats are harder than the kids! I’m glad you were able to rest today and I hope it pays off with less stiffness tomorrow. Do you have more stiffness when the seasons are changing? I’m wondering if the approach of fall is what’s making me so stiff and foggy.


  11. Vicky Louise says:

    Sooo happy she’s feeling better! Jackson hates the cat box too, we have to wear oven gloves when trying to get him in!

    That taxi driver sounds like a right (insert nasty name here) I’d have been fuming, but good idea to talk about how she must be scared and how kitties are really intelligent!



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    Annie ❤


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