Thems Not What You Think Thems Is…….

Honestly. These are not marrows.

wpid-imag0443.jpgYes, that is our cooker top. Yes, it’s a normal sized 4 ring cooker top.

But thems is not marrows LOL

Thems is courgettes 🙂

I kid you not. They are simply courgettes that have grown VERY BIG 😀

They shall be stuffed, cooked and nommed with enthusiasm 😀

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13 Responses to Thems Not What You Think Thems Is…….

  1. W-O-W! What did you DO to them – send them to the local Keep Fit and Bench Pressing Emporium?

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  2. We call them zucchinis. While some gardeners can manage to harvest them when they are small, most of us miss the little critters under the greenery until they’ve hit their growth spurt. There’s a standing joke about leaving zucchini on the neighbors’ doorsteps in the dead of night – or it would be a joke if it didn’t sometimes happen!

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    • Moongazer says:

      So it’s normal for them to grow this big?
      We’ve picked normal sized ones pretty much daily but these two………
      I hope the spaghetti squash grows as big this year!


  3. plus+beauty27 says:

    Yeah I know them as zucchinis lol. They make really great bread!! 🙂

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  4. Janice Wald says:

    You sound funny– “thems”. I found you on Chris’s site. I’m glad you liked my Dropbox article. Nice to meet you.

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  5. Vicky Louise says:

    I love courgette lightly fried with a bit of garlic and pepper! 🙂


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