Weird (but in a good way)

At the risk of sounding like a total weirdo to some people, I am going to share a weird experience that I had earlier.

I had just opened my laptop to send an email and a very random memory came to mind, of a guy I used to go out with many years ago. It was a long distance relationship but we were very close and we shared a very special connection that was almost psychic at times. He had the most perfect male body I have ever been blessed to know. He thought he was skinny but I thought his body was …….well, perfect. My body was far from perfect even then but there was a very strong sizzle between us. My girls adored him.

It ended with a strong sense of it just being the wrong ‘time’ for us somehow. We both moved forward with our lives and later we chatted occasionally on facebook.

Anyway, the memory made me smile 🙂

I then put some music on to listen to. I listen via my ancient ipod touch plugged into a snazzy little purple speaker, and it is set to play music randomly. I have A LOT of music on there, probably about 4gbs at the moment. The first 5 songs were all ones that related to this guy, beginning with the song he sent me as we broke up – Trouble by Coldplay.

That’s weird enough, but as I went to pick up my phone the link to my feedjit page was open (which is weird as the last thing I had used was the camera), and I had been visited by someone in his area. It could all just be coincidence but it struck me as a very weird series of coincidences.

I wondered if he had followed my blog link from my facebook page. I cannot even get into facebook anymore, nor use the app due to password and email issues, so my fb page will forever sit there as it is now.

Last time I spoke to him a couple of years ago was on the phone and it was a good chat. He had recently become a dad again.

So, I guess partly why I am writing this is, if he had visited, maybe he’ll visit again. Only now, if he looks, he has a way to contact me again.

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5 Responses to Weird (but in a good way)

  1. I hope he gets in touch and its the right time for you both now.

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  2. Donna says:

    How interesting

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  3. Trisha says:

    Hmmm, very interesting! It makes you wonder when things like that happen. Maybe he was thinking of you at the same time….


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