Sunny Sunday….or not

It really has been hot here today. Muggy. Unfortunately my Eldest has picked up a snotty bug from her new job, and I think she has passed it onto me 😦  which could well be accounting for some of my sweatiness. Urgh….lovely images I am conjuring up for you LOL

Better than yesterday though. I had a severe case of muscle twitches and jumps. I hate it when that happens because you just can’t get comfortable.

I am hoping tomorrow will be better. It needs to be. I am a bit fed up now. I am having more good days, it’s true, but when I have bad days in rows it starts to piss me off. I have things I want to do, dammit!!

This is turning into a grumpy post, I think. Good job I didn’t write yesterday then, because I was positively snarly yesterday. Although I did sleep for a lot of it my fatigue was that bad. Not just a sleepy day, more of a can’t stay awake day 😦

And to end the delights of yesterday my next door neighbours were sawing wood and hammering in their garden until gone 11.30 pm last night *shakes head*

I have my music playing beside me today tho, which has cheered me up.  I does love me some moosic 😀

I finally managed to get all my photos from my phone onto my lappy earlier and found this one.

20150622_115912A normal sized Mitch in a very rare close encounter with Rory. You can really see here just how much bigger than average Rory is. Yes, she does need to lose more weight, but she is longer and taller than average to start with, bless her.



Anyways – me go now……….bring on tomorrow!!!

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3 Responses to Sunny Sunday….or not

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Cute kittehs 🙂 Get well soon,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. beverley says:

    I hope you are feeling better than you did on Sunday. Maybe it’s the muggy weather, not been feeling too great myself and the bad days are really doing my head in grrrr!!

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    • Moongazer says:

      Thanks, yes, the lurgy has mostly gone now. Just left with a sore throat. My pain levels were definitely better today but my sleep pattern is so messed up now I didnt really benefit 😦
      The weather definitely makes fibro harder to cope with 😦
      Here’s hoping for improvements for both of us very soon x


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