Alzheimers Drug Namenda (memantine): A Potential NEW Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Once again Spain seems to be leading the way with the Fibromyalgia research.

I find the blood pressure cuff extremely painful too.  Ha! Maybe the anticipation of the pain contributes to my high bp readings 😛

But there still needs to be more studies. If only the human cost of FM was of more importance, more funding might be forthcoming.

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13 Responses to Alzheimers Drug Namenda (memantine): A Potential NEW Treatment for Fibromyalgia

  1. My Spanish doctor in medication ordered me to stay 3 days without coffee, bananas and pineapple to see if this were enough to get down my blood pressure before he talked about medication 😉

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  2. lydiaa1614 says:

    I would suggest we set up an awareness campaign for FM. However, what form could it take – walking or running are out of the question, wristbands would probably hurt our flared skin, we would be too fatigued to attend a rally (and fibro fog would probably make us forget the date). I say this not to make light of our situation. It is the absolute truth – not to mention the anxiety it would all bring which would probably make us depressed because it wasn’t successful. This is what FM is all about but because of that we can’t do much about it. Hugs to you my friend and thanks for passing on all this really good information. If commuting would not be impossible for my hubby, I would very much consider moving to Spain!

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  3. Moongazer says:

    Apparently it costs thousands to have the right evidence for the FDA to approve things. The system needs to change, definitely. It makes me so angry that the pain killer I take isnt even available in the US, but it does help relieve the pain.
    I dont know how to bring about the changes needed but if we can at least inform each other and our own doctors it has to be a start.
    But yeah, Spain seems to be the place to be at the moment!!

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  4. gh0stpupp3t says:

    I find the pressure cuff painful too… I prefer the digital reading instead of aimlessly trying with the stupid bulb. I have a weak pulse and that’s why I choose digital. Oh, lol this is funny, I did a blood pressure test in a pharmacy, and the readout told me that I had no pulse. 😛

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  5. beverley says:

    My bp borders on high, but it was much higher in the past and i refuse all medication at present as like you, i believe it is the anticipation of the painful cuff that leaves my arm buzzing all day afterwards, that puts it up just that little bit.

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    • Moongazer says:

      I also find any visit to the drs stressful. I really dont want the meds. I’ve replaced my morning juice with organic beetroot and apple juice as studies show that beetroot is as effective as the meds. Its actually quite nice altho your tastebuds expect blackcurrant at first lol


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