When You Have to Rest…….

Get Creative 😀

Yesterday was hot. Too hot. So I spent the day mostly in my room where I have my fan and a bit of a breeze between the two windows, wearing as little as possible.

I had seen what some people call ‘advanced nail art’, and have been wanting to give it a try for ages. But having done it now, I am not sure it’s actually ‘advanced’, because in some ways it’s a cheat. It’s more of an ‘alternative technique’, I think.

This is what I ended up with. Not too bad for a first attempt, really 🙂

This is the side that will be attached to the nail.

This is the side that will be attached to the nail.

What you need is:

A sheet of smooth plastic (I used one of those plastic file sleeves for keeping papers clean) taped down so it doesn’t move around.

Clear nail polish, stamping stuff, a fine brush or nail art pen, lots of colours of nail polish, a dotting tool and possibly nail sequins.

You paint small rectangles of clear nail polish onto the smooth plastic sheet and allow them to dry. Then either stamp or draw onto the clear polish, then fill in the spaces using a dotting tool or brush, waiting for each step to dry each time. Then finally coat the design with another layer of clear polish. I used nail glue to stick the blue nail sequins down.

When they are all thoroughly dried, you can carefully peel each decal from the plastic to apply onto your nails with a coat of clear polish underneath, and secure it with a coat of top coat on top. Any excess decal just kind of melts off around your nail as you apply the top coat.

It is a bit faffy, so not something I would do often. I am more likely to make a good few of them at one time, and then store them. I am hoping that storing them in little sealed plastic bags will be good enough to stop them from going brittle, and by storing them flat, they won’t stick together.

This is the 'front' of one of the butterflies I did. Not perfect but I am really pleased with it :)

This is the ‘front’ of one of the butterflies I did. Not perfect but I am really pleased with it 🙂

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6 Responses to When You Have to Rest…….

  1. pedanticscouser says:

    “wearing as little as possible”

    well, your not doing much for my blood pressure there , LOL.
    at least we have advantage of upstairs living room, so if you open windows a nice breeze blows through, otherwise it would be unbearable

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  2. Donna says:

    Reblogged this on homemade naturally and commented:
    A very cute crafty idea

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  3. solariahues says:

    I don’t paint my nails much at all, and this does seem rather faffy, but I think you did a really good job. The butterfly looks great, really neat and detailed. Interesting to see how some nail art is done even if it’s not for me 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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