It is 11.30pm here in the UK, and it’s still 68 degrees F 😥

Definitely a night for sleeping nekkid, with industrial fans blowing at you from all directions.

I shall have to make do with my little desk fan, noisy though it is.

I did too much yesterday so endured all over body throbbing today, and with this heat I was fit for nothing.

So…’s hoping for the oblivion of sleep through this sticky night and a better day FM wise tomorrow, even though they say it’ll be hotter than today.

Nighty night xx

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9 Responses to Bleugh

  1. Does your fan rotate back and forth? I had a small desk one as a child. noisy and the rhythmic swinging back and forth. Hope you are able to snoooze

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  2. pedanticscouser says:

    Oh, putting images of naked women in my head, thank you 🙂

    I never have bothered with pj’s myself.

    29c here yesterday, but luckily bedrooms of barn are cool.

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  3. lydiaa1614 says:

    I hope by the time you read this you will have had a good rest and be feeling much better. We are having quite a heat spell here in Canada as well. I, too, did a bit too much yesterday and found myself in horrid pain again today. I have found that pj’s or nighties just find and hurt when FM is bad. In the heat though I wear a T-shirt and lay on top of the covers giving an extra little cushion and a cool breeze from window and fan. I have on occasion stolen hubbies covers in the night so often wake up with an extra blanket thrown over me LOL. {{hugs}} 🙂


    • Moongazer says:

      (((hugs))) Thank you. I got a few hours between 5am and 9am then drifted off again for a couple more. Not ideal but better than nothing.
      It’s 86 degrees at the moment. Heat waves are not fun, are they?
      Yes, I totally agree about nighties finding all the sore bits, but I am fond of my nighties – mostly purple with pictures of cats 😀
      I hope you feel better soon too xx

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  4. Trisha says:

    It’s been hot here too. Low 90’s most of the week and it’s supposed to be in the 90’s most of the coming week as well. I’ve been fit for nothing also. The heat just completely zaps my energy. I hope you’ve been able to sleep the hot, sticky nights away!

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    • Moongazer says:

      It sucks, doesnt it!? I’m not sure I could cope with those temperatures at all. Are you still sweltering?
      Its been a little cooler here the last few days but we’re up in the 70’s again today. But our temperatures must seem very appealing to you lol


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