No Sleep Til……..

I crash from exhaustion, I guess o_O

Seriously, this sleep thing is getting beyond itself. It is 6.25 in the morning and I didn’t sleep a wink. This was despite taking 4 herbal sleeping pills last night.

So, I give up. I have just thrown both curtains and windows open in my room. Let the day begin. I mean, I have been listening to the dawn chorus for the last 3 hours *sigh*.

My stomach is rumbling but it’s too soon for my pills, which have to be taken with food, so I will wait a bit longer before heading down to make boiled egg and toast.  I usually have yoghurt but there is none until the food delivery comes this afternoon.

I think I need to remind my GP that the endocrinologist told her my sleep needs treating *grump*

I hate days like this.

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13 Responses to No Sleep Til……..

  1. pedanticscouser says:

    Not much fun, been there, done that.

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  2. AESANTOS says:

    I hate days like that too, been there like 2 days ago & it was so frustrating!

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  3. Linda says:

    Hope your day improves and you’re so tired tonight that your body allows you to sleep… 🙂

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  4. Trisha says:

    I’ve been having trouble sleeping too. The night before my son’s graduation I only got two hours of sleep. I can tell it’s catching up with me because I’m feeling weepy. Have you tried a liquid extract of valerian? It usually helps me but this particular bout of insomnia seems impervious to everything. Wishing you a good night’s sleep SOON!

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    • Moongazer says:

      (((hugs))) That feeling is awful. I hope you get some rest soon, Trisha.
      I havent tried liquid valerian, but the herbal pills I have at the moment are high in valerian and hops. Once I am asleep, they keep me asleep usually but they can take up to 6 hours to make me feel sleepy so I have started taking them at ridiculously early times. Also increased my magnesium to see if that helps. I tried to have a busy day yesterday so I would be really tired, but all I ended up doing was causing an FM flare up – I can barely move today and was wide awake until 4am *sigh*


      • Trisha says:

        That’s awful. Some people (probably ones without FM) seem to have success making themselves tired enough to sleep but it always seems to make me wired and unable to sleep instead. I hope you get some decent sleep soon. I know it makes such a difference for me in keeping pain levels lower. Hugs! I hope you’re having a good weekend and that your flare is subsiding.

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  5. CC says:

    I wish I had an answer for you. My sleep pattern has always been strange to people. I usually wait until I am exhausted and I know I will drift right off. I don’t do sleep aids of any kind, but that is bc I am scared of anything that makes me sleepy. However, my pills do make me somewhat drowsy alone if I lay off caffeine…no help to you however.
    I do hope you get through this flare soon. It really sucks when I know it is a bad flare and it just keeps you awake. Sending my love. -CC

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    • Moongazer says:

      I had a nap in the afternoon then fell asleep at 2am, but I got a full 8 hours and had a great day. Sleep is such an issue for so many of us with FM, and so crucial to our well being it really annoys me that the doctors here don’t take it seriously.
      (((((hugs)))) for you CC xx

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  6. You are a inspiration for cleaning up boxes and papers and closets. I have to do all that soon.Sleep is elusive for me, too. Perhaps it is just another “perk” that comes with old age! I send you beautiful thoughts on which to float,and prayers that your doctors will start taking your FM problems seriously.

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