Hmmmm…….More Loon than Loom

Yes, indeedy!!  Whilst doing this sock loom tutorial, I realised something. The loom I am using is a different size to the one most people are likely to use, which presented me with the problem of detailed instructions. It’s no good me giving the peg numbers for my loom, coz they’ll be different for smaller looms, for instance.

So I decided to go more graphic, but I still wasn’t able to actually demonstrate accurately. So, I ordered a cheap unbranded loom from China, which arrived yesterday. I know I will use this one too, so it’s all cool. And I can now be all systems go on being able to accurately show what needs to be done 😀

But….I also had a bit of birthday money left, and whilst browsing Amazon for my original loom, something popped up as a suggestion for me. It’s a different style of sock loom, with more and smaller pegs for finer yarns and therefore finer socks. It’s not the expensive wooden ones that you might have come across on searches for ‘sock loom’ as it has a plastic base, but it is the same ‘type’, adjustable, so I bought it 😀

Then…..whilst purchasing something else on Amazon, I was faced with paying either a mighty £6.50 postage and packing charge or adding something else to the basket to qualify for free P&P…..of course I opted to add. A book on loom knitted socks that had also appeared as a suggestion. Aha!! I thinks…..that will be useful!!!

Hmmm……well…….*heavy sigh* I have been reading it this morning and I have one burning question…Why the fook do the writers of these things assume SO much prior knowledge???  And there’s maths FFS!!!

It actually says in the intro “You will be an expert in no time” Pah!! I dispute that assertion, I really do!!

You see, I do have some prior knowledge, as I have used both round and long knitting looms before. The terminology is familiar to me, but some of the techniques in this book? Not so much.

Yes, there are photographs, BUT one pattern gives an instruction that I really do not understand because it’s ambiguous. One simple step that could mean doing one thing or it could mean something else. And I only know this because I have used looms before. If I had never touched one in my life – I’d have quite possibly run screaming!!!

The book also keeps referring to the dvd that comes with the wooden loom *sigh*. That is so not fair, especially after it’s claims of “step-by-step instructions”

It has made me even more determined to produce a clear, easy to follow tutorial that can be used by anyone as long as they have the same style of loom I am using.

And it looks like this book will become another reference for reminders of how to do different stitches, and not the source of patterns I was hoping for.

But you know what? I have always been the sort of person who looks at new fangled gadgets an thinks “what’s the point?” Like the fancy, and very expensive food processors that slice, dice, chop and chew. I just think……”but I have a knife” because by the time you have set the gadget up, used it and spent all that extra time washing out all the tiny crevices the food finds its way into – you could have chopped that damn onion into splinters a dozen times over, cleaned your knife, and had a cup of tea!!

So, I am going to use the methods I already know, on the new loom I have ordered. I will experiment with the knits and the purls and have fun creating wearable socks without all the confusion. And I won’t need a maths degree to do it, either!!

But only once I have finished this tutorial, of course 😀

Rory with wool



This is what Rory thinks of it all!!

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8 Responses to Hmmmm…….More Loon than Loom

  1. pedanticscouser says:

    sounds complicated !, but then explaining things to idiots allways is 🙂
    Oh and heres a tip, i went out to try to fit a satnav holder bracket on the motorbike last week, being me i quickly looked at (the somewhat underexposed) photos, figured it out, took off the rear of mount already on bike and new bit wouldnt fit. So i had to cut thin sliver of metal off bracket, file it down and try again, then another problem arose so i had to figure that out and it still wasnt perfect. The i read the instructions (i’m a bloke remember) and realised the instructions didnt quite match the photos, taking both photos and instructions together and fusing the two bits of information (oh and some new bolts i had to buy as i’d cut the others) it fitted in 5 mins instead of the original hour or two !.

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    • Moongazer says:

      PD, what are you like??? LOL Just what was the tip I was to extract from that story? Make sure you buy the right stuff in the first place? pmsl
      I just wonder how quality control/editors allow these things to go on the market. It’s lunacy, it really is.


      • pedanticscouser says:

        Err, instructions and photos need to match and not be ambiguous as if theres any ambiguity between them then someone (like me) will find it, LOL.

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  2. plus+beauty27 says:

    Rory is adorable!! 🙂 xo

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  3. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Aww.. your kitteh is cute! 🙂 I’m not a super duper knitter.. in fact I gave up on knitting lol I don’t have the patience for that stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. magickmogwai says:

    Love Rory. My rabbit likes wool too.
    Why is it you can never trust books who claim to make you an expert in no time. Maybe because they assume you already almost are lol

    Liked by 1 person

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