I was fighting to stay in work – #100days100stories

What an amazing lady! But what a sad yet all too real snapshot of some of the barriers facing disabled people in the UK today.
I am not sure of that figure of 1 in 20 – that’s 5% – it seems very high. But Scope is a well established charity – they should know.
Having said that though, the flipside is that in the UK we don’t have the struggle our friends in the USA have of affording medical care, or of having difficulty obtaining adequate pain relief.
I have no suggestions to offer. Everything is relative.
But I thought this was an interesting article worth sharing.

Scope's Blog

Jacqueline picGuest post by Jacqueline, who turned to her entrepreneurial skills after being forced to leave her job due to a fluctuating condition. But she’s still fighting for the support she needs to fulfil her work ambitions. She shares her story as part of our 100 days, 100 stories campaign.

I have always been interested in reducing inequalities. It surfaces at times when I see something that just isn’t right and suddenly I find myself challenging what is happening and developing ways to improve it.

This impulse led me to my first experience of being an entrepreneur. Actually it was the second – my first was selling old toys at the end of the path when I was little.

I had seen how disabled children were being denied equal access to play and childcare. So I developed and managed an inclusive play and childcare scheme for Bolton. It was built on the principle of…

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