Interesting BBC Documentary (Muscle Pain)

I watched an interesting BBC programme on iPlayer the other day from The Truth About series. This one was The Truth About What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet.

The bit I found most interesting – and applicable to me – was that those warming / cooling gels and creams that we often use for muscle pain don’t actually do anything at all to your muscles, they just have a warming or cooling effect on your skin, which can be comforting or soothing on a psychological level, or distracting from the underlying muscle pain.

They compared the overall recovery rate of muscles after demanding exercise when using these creams or using a 15 minute soak in either hot or cold water, and the results showed that it doesnt matter whether you use hot or cold water to soak in, your muscles will be less painful and your muscles recover faster than using these creams/ gels.

It’s things like that, that make me regret not opting for a bath again when they re-did our bathroom 😦  But…… one of the main reasons I needed an adapted house was because I kept getting stuck in the bath in the evening *sigh*.

It was one thing to be pushed up each stair by giggling daughters, but quite another to be hauled bodily when you are nekkid. Both are undignified, certainly, but being nekkid kinda has the edge, methinks.

It’s a good job we all have a sense of humour here, innit 🙂

And I can always sit in my shower chair and let the hot water run over my afflicted areas 😀

Oh, and they demonstrated how hot water, honey and lemon juice is more effective for coughs than any of the types of cough medicine you can buy over the counter.

Nice and natural, cheap, and added vitamin C, although vitamin C doesn’t actually do anything to ease coughs, colds and flu. Zinc, however – there is research to show taking zinc for colds and flu is helpful, according to my dr 🙂

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17 Responses to Interesting BBC Documentary (Muscle Pain)

  1. Donna says:

    Glad there are shows starting to let people know to get away from meds and go natural as it is so much better and cheaper for us. Of course big companies do not want us to know or think that they want us to buy their products. Yeah for you watching such a great documentary. On the other hand sorry about the tub and nekkid thing. It is hard and I am thankful that right now I can do the tub and do the steps again.

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    • Moongazer says:

      I grew up with an emphasis on natural after my parents realised coloured sweets and chocolate sent my little brother into hyperdrive. (Finding carob in the mid 70’s was no easy task apparently). But I am also allergic to many of the natural solutions…..aloe vera, marigolds, st johns wort, coconut, nuts and most seeds etc; so whilst I would if I could in every area…..I can’t 😦 Its been a massive frustration for me for a very long time.
      The series of documentaries is aimed at cutting through the marketing crap that surrounds us, but I have heard them refer to old-fashioned or granny’s wisdom being correct a few times.
      This is almost a whole new blog post lol.
      People want a quick fix these days I think, and they put trust in the wrong things/places. But then our society doesn’t allow anything to take time anymore. Nobody pauses to think anymore *sigh*


      • Donna says:

        Yes i remember you are allergic to aloe Vera and coconut and many people are. Nuts seeds hmmm so what about olive oil? Jojoba oil (u do have to be careful with that. I have people who r allergic to nuts and coconuts so i use olive oil for their products. Aloe is funny cuz you can become allergic to it. It really is work to get it right. Like I have said in my blog natural doesn’t mean okay herbs need to be free of pesticides too

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        • Moongazer says:

          I know 🙂 And I know you try to provide alternatives 🙂
          I only use olive oil or butter for cooking so I am ok with that 🙂 and I am a massive fan of jojoba oil for my nails and skin. Its even healed up a stubborn patch of eczema I’ve had since xmas.
          My Littlun has decided to grow more herbs this year. That way we know they are free of nasties.

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  2. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Have you ever tried chocolate milk after exercise? Also I hear pickle juice helps too.

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    • Moongazer says:

      I have chocolate goats milk for breakfast sometimes 🙂
      I am going to show that article to my eldest because she uses isotonic sports and energy drinks to help her get through her 12 hr shifts at work and I have been telling her for years she’d be better off drinking choccy milk LOL She won’t listen tho 😦
      I posted it with my fibromyalgia friends in mind as our muscles tear and fatigue and hurt as though we’ve done vigorous exercise when we havent 😦
      Pickle juice? Would that be the vinegar solution that pickled onions float in? Sorry for my ignorance here.


  3. I too have had the stuck in bath thing and live alone. Beached whale comes to mind, so I too have the wet room, shower/seat combo. How I miss a good soak in lemon balm. A teaspoon of whisky in the lemon/honey mixture works even better (maybe not for kids) cos it has antibacterial properties.


  4. Interesting documentary.

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  5. Moongazer says:

    Oh Eunice, what did you do? That must have been quite scary for you (((hugs)))
    Yes, I miss a good soak too. It used to be my number one relaxation method before bed.
    My granny used brandy for everything, you know – even when we were little. Just a tiny drop rubbed on sore gums when teething, that kind of thing.
    I hope you’re not still awake due to pain tonight (((hugs)))


  6. pedanticscouser says:

    Saw that, often wondered how a simple paracetemol knew where the pain was as it has no inbuilt intelligence, i was proved correct.

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  7. Trisha says:

    I wish I had watched that documentary before spending $ on too many of those stupid creams! I finally figured it out, although I ‘m still tempted by a few of them. Someone recently recommended Penetrex (terrible name, don’t you think?) I looked it up and it has MSM and arnica, plus a couple of essential oils, so maybe?


    • Moongazer says:

      That is a terrible name! It sounds vaguely rude but also slightly ‘industrial’. I wonder who thought that one up? O_o
      I think we’ve all spent money we neednt have done in the hope of relief.
      Maybe? Possibly. But… any of these things actually penetrate through the multi layers of skin, and fat, to get to the muscle itself? If they do, is it in sufficient amounts to have an effect on the muscle? I’m not convinced. But you could research it.
      In the documentary the test they did with the warming and cooling creams involved taking the temperature of the muscle while the cream was on the skin. Neither one made any difference at all despite their claims of being “penetrating”.


  8. beverley says:

    I shall go find this and watch it. We are often short of the little things like zinc and magnesium.
    Every time i tell those on the fibro forum not to bother with magnesium/epsom salts in their baths as the water will work as well and the skin isn’t porous enough for the magnesium to be absorbed, i get told off, okay i shouted at or i feel like i am being shouted at, but really magnesium salts cannot go through the skin. And vitamin D is better got from it’s natural source, the sun, than through a pill. And putting sun cream on all the time stops the skin the body making the vitamin D that we need. And multi-vitamins are only of any use if you have been ill, especially stomach ill, which you should take for three months to help restore balance. Or anyone with a bad diet for whatever reason.
    I use distilled witch hazel, which i dilute with boiled cooled water for sore throats, mouths, spots, sun burn (not on broken skin – if you burn yourself and it is broken skin that is bigger than your thumb you should seek medical help), thrush in all parts, heat rash, and i have used it to cure tonsillitis when the doc refused to give my daughter antibiotics when she clearly needed them.

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  9. Moongazer says:

    I once refused antibiotics for tonsilitis. The dr got really angry with me saying I’d be ill for at least a fortnight but I was over it in a week.
    I have a very different view to you on vitamins and minerals because I have found them to be very beneficial but then there is much I cannot eat due to allergies and I need uber strength doses. But then the RDA’s of most available are actually pretty low and likely to be ineffective.
    But then even with a healthy diet, our fresh food isnt exactly fresh by the time we buy and eat it – frozen veg retains more nutrients.


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