Introducing Roxy

I would like to introduce the lovely Vicky to a wider audience. And if you like dogs especially, and animals in general you really need to visit her blog and follow the stories of the dogs she fosters and cares for so they can be rehomed. This post I am reblogging is the first in the story of Roxy, a Staffy who has had an awful time in her short life so far, but there are 2 or 3 instalments after this one, and Vicky is brilliant at keeping things up to date.
Vicky does amazing things for the well being and rehabilitation of these abandoned dogs. She gives them faith in people again, she gives them love and looks after them. And she does all this whilst coping with chronic pain, and looking after her own two Staffies – Coal and Tess.
This is a blog well worth following, and Vicky herself is a great 😀 I have nothing but great admiration for her. She even designs and makes things for a dog charity to sell, and grows her own vegetables!!


Well my new foster girl arrived Thursday night a very timid shell of a Staffie, only 16-18 months old and has had a hard life, giving birth last Friday to a stillborn pup, who she tried to revive by licking for three hours! Poor wee mite isn’t sure how to be a dog – she doesn’t know how to play, doesn’t want to take treats, even home made liver ones until she sees Coal and Tess taking one then she’ll take it but 4/5 times spits it out and leaves it! Her nails are long which is unusual for a Staffie so hasn’t been walked much although is good on the lead but I think that may be down to fear. She is intimidated by men, but if they do slow introductions she loves them. Roxy is very human orientated and has to be touching you at all times and…

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5 Responses to Introducing Roxy

  1. vpark3 says:

    Aww thank you for re blogging and your lovely kind words x

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  2. utahan15 says:

    yeah they get kinks. they do not respond at all to your feedback so it goes. keep writing.!


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