One Down……..

Lots more to go, but still …….My eldest’s room has been redecorated 😀 One wall has a beautiful paper with big soft roses in gentle pinks and grey and the other walls are a soft matt grey. It looks very chic indeed. Her carpet gets fitted on Saturday, along with the tiny landing, and her new wardrobe arrives. That should be fun to get up the stairs, past the stairlift and round a very tight corner…..eek!! I am glad I’m not doing the actual manouvering!

Next on the list will be my room. Just as I have everything organised as well O_o  But it has been decided that as this was my birthday present from last year, and for multiple reasons it hasn’t happened yet, that it really should be done before my birthday this year LOL. That is coming up next month, so……..I am currently giving many glances to 4 little paint swatches to make a final decision on the colour.

My first choice is fine in artificial light but looks quite dark in daylight. I have no idea why, but it does. Second choice is still kinda dark……so third choice is looking like the winner at the moment.

I had a look at different wallpapers, and Littlun has brought home samples from where she works, but……I’m fussy, I guess. Before I got FM, I loved to use stencils. Now, I just can’t do that kind of thing anymore 😦 BUT….my room will have an element of individuality about it. Slightly wimsical, perhaps, but very ‘me’. I shall of course take photos of the end result to show you 🙂

I am keeping the curtains I have up now. They were one of my first ‘adult’ purchases when I was 19/20 years old. They were stored away for many years, but they are still good, and I still love them 😀

I will be so glad to get rid of this hideous dark green that I have lived with for so long. Green is not a colour I like in decor, at all, and absolutely not in a bedroom.

Then it’s the turn of the hall, stairs and landing. Not a full make-over, just another coat of the same paint to freshen it up, and all the woodwork is getting a coat of an uber light grey. So light it is practically white. BUT it shouldn’t yellow like white gloss does.

I will think about the kitchen and lounge when all this is over and done with!!

I had a ‘kickback’ flare up day on Monday, so spent the day in bed just resting, and felt better for it. But generally my energy and pain levels have been much improved this last week. Whether that’s the improvement in the weather, or a result of the Co-enzyme Q10 I am taking, I have no idea.

Now, when I say improvement – anything was better than where I was, which was largely bedbound for the last year. I have been trying to improve things for about 6 months but it’s been one step forward and two back every time. But I am feeling human again – instead of just a useless ball of pain.

This last week, I have cooked a few times, washed up, hoovered, and (a massive step forward this) been awake from when I wake up until bedtime. I’ve been able to sit on the sofa long enough to watch films, and I even ……wait for it…….dried and styled my hair after washing it *faints*.

My improved quality of sleep is responsible for a lot of this, I am sure, and speaking of which – time for me to get my head down.

Nighty night xxx

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12 Responses to One Down……..

  1. lydiaa1614 says:

    Wow, Moongazer, it all sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to see the pictures. I was so happy to get my redone bathroom with a walk-in shower complete with a custom bench for me if I am too tired to stand. It is so amazing I could spend hours in there!

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    • Moongazer says:

      Walk in showers are just fab, aren’t they? 😀 I’m really pleased you have yours coz they do make life a lot easier 🙂
      Mine is only basic but I do have an NHS issue chair which isn’t terribly attractive, but it does it’s job.

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  2. pedanticscouser says:

    “I have cooked a few times, washed up, hoovered”

    of course theres a few sexist comments that could be made there but i wont, i’m not like that 🙂

    we (or should i say I) still need to do bathroom, hall, stairs and landing but i’ve put a stop to decorating as i’m just plain bored with it all for now

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    • Moongazer says:

      If you’ve done all the rest of the house, I’m not surprised you’re bored with it. You have a lot of rooms! We’ve had someone else’s decor for 5 years now, as other things have taken priority. We also have my eldest’s other half who enjoys DIY and is like a whirlwind of energy, bless him.


    • Moongazer says:

      Have you been watching that programme on BBC about food through the decades? I think you might have appreciated the 1950’s episode PMSL


      • pedanticscouser says:

        No, we missed that, wasnt span and chips was it LOL

        As for decoration it just had to go, we had a paint effect in living room and dining room that was different shade of yellow through to brown vertical streaks, not only that but radiators and skirting boards had been done as well (and a few power sockets), it was so depressing looking at it.

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        • Moongazer says:

          I understand that. Varying shades of magnolia/cream/taupe gets very boring after a while too. That’s our lounge. Neutral might be good, but it’s very boring.
          Nowt so fancy as spam LOL – 5 oz of meat per adult per week, so one meal was cold liver (without gravy) cold potatoes and cabbage…….and there was a lot of bread and dripping.
          its on BBC iplayer – worth watching. But the woman’s place was firmly in the kitchen and an average of 75 hours a week of housework!! O_o


  3. Well done! I am selling up to return to Australia where my family is and it it is really knocking me about. I was in so much pain by last night. I love what you are doing.

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    • Moongazer says:

      Oh Eunice ((((hugs)))) moving house with FM was bad enough, I remember well the pain and exhaustion. It must be a nightmare to tackle emigrating! Do you have much help with all the packing and sorting? Please remember to pace yourself, and take lots of rest periods.
      We’re very lucky that my eldest’s boyfriend has a seemingly never ending supply of energy and really enjoys doing DIY. He’s a builder so he’s also very good at anything practical. I’m just kind of supervising and funding nowadays lol


      • Thanks for your kind words. I am doing it on my own here, which does mean I can go at a fibro pace, mostly!
        My family are at the other end of the journey but ready to help. Luckily today was the writing group I co-ordinate in the local cafe, so a nice sit down for a couple of hours. Some of our efforts are on another blog page: Our next ‘homework’ stems from ‘At the Bus Stop’, so got a couple of ideas from that to distract me. Will you be putting up photos of your decor? It does sound lovely.

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        • Moongazer says:

          I will indeed 🙂
          Going at your own pace is good, and it’s good to hear you have distractions 😀 It sounds like it will all be worth it tho. I only have my little family here, and I can’t imagine being so far away from them (((hugs)))

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  4. vpark3 says:

    Wow you have been busy, well done! Your daughters room sounds fabulous and can’t wait to see your when its complete xx

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