Fickleness, Thy Name Is Fibro!!

Predictably fickle, in fact. There’s a great oxymoron for you 🙂

I had such a good day yesterday. When you consider it was on a mere two hours sleep, I should probably say I had a great day yesterday. I was out of bed early, and got a fair few things done in the house. I paced myself, of course, but even my usual flu like feeling had ebbed along with the pain 😀 and to top it off – I went shopping before we picked my eldest up at 8pm. Unfortunately, by the time we got home…..I had reached the end of my energy and fair hobbled from the car to the house, but still 🙂

I got a solid 6 hours sleep last night, and woke up actually feeling awake for a change – but oh Gods, do I hurt today. But you have got to laugh!!  Because I knew I would. Hence the title. One day you feel like death warmed up, the next you feel great, the next you hurt like hell. Fibromyalgia is predictably fickle. It is an oxymoron. Oxygenated Morons springs to mind.  Hyperactive idiots? Ok – I shall stop with the random brain farts LOL

I have been resting in my room all day, and I have two sleeping kitties next to me – Rory and Mitch. Poor Mitch is missing his mum and dad so much he has been coming to me and asking for a fuss, bless him. A couple of nights ago he was literally knocking on their bedroom door. Sadly, they are working away and won’t be back for another week.

I have chatted to my Littlun a couple of times on the phone and she is exhausted, bless her. These long days with no day off are not fun. But at least they have a decent meal allowance this time and the menu offers such things as Roasted Wild Boar. When I asked her what that was like, she said “Pork”. I felt a bit …..silly for asking :p

However, I am resting under protest. I want to be doing stuff again today, but my body just isnt having any of it. Gravity is weighing more heavily today – at least that’s how it feels – and even having my arms out to type is painful 😦  *grumpy mutterings*

Today is also day 2 of my latest attempt to try and improve my FM. After seeing that article about the failings of our mitochondria and lack of Co-enzyme Q10, I did a bit more research and found that 300mg of C-Q10 has been safely taken as a treatment for fibromyalgia so that was the dose I decided to try. I tracked down a brand (Pureclinica) that come in 300mg tablets with Vitamin E and Bioperine (which my dodgy memory reminds me are needed for absorption of C-Q10). This supplement is not cheap, so this brand actually worked out favourably price wise as well as meaning I have less pills to swallow, which is always a bonus.

I might have already mentioned this previously, but when I went for my repeat blood test, I asked for the details of my Vit D tests, and it now stands at 92!! Yay!! This is the highest it has been since my deficiency was discovered, and it gives me a much better ‘buffer zone’ if I forget to take my supplements (which I sometimes do). Unfortunately, my FM symptoms haven’t miraculously disappeared like the endocrinologist hoped they might, but still.


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6 Responses to Fickleness, Thy Name Is Fibro!!

  1. It is wonderful to have some great days among the less good ones 😀

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  2. lydiaa1614 says:

    Moongazer, I hear you! That feeling of frustration when you feel quite well and eager to get things done, knowing full well what will happen the next day. Yesterday was a down day for me. Today I am in less pain and have already gotten a few things accomplished. Sending gentle hugs and hope for a quick recharge, Lydia.

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    • Moongazer says:

      Thank you for the hugs 🙂 They are always welcome 🙂
      It’s good to hear you are having a good day today, and Yay for accomplishments. It’s a good feeling, isnt it 😀 We both need a lot less of those down days, methinks.
      It’s 10pm here, and I am actually yawning and feeling sleepy, so fingers crossed for a good sleep and a better again tomorrow. For you too, petal xx

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  3. Vicky Louise says:

    He he brain farts! 😛

    Heres hoping for more good days than bad days! And congrats on 92! I think that’s excuse enough to have a celebratory scoff of cakes! 😀


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