WordPress are Listening…Please Go and Let Them Know

Forum Thread HERE

WordPress have asked for details of blogs that haven’t been showing up on the Reader.

The more info we can give the better.

So please, click on the link above and leave some details for them so we can help them solve the problem so as followers we get to see all the blog posts we want to see, and as bloggers so that all our posts are seen by people who follow us.

Thank you.

I’m going to get my laptop out to make the task easier.

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14 Responses to WordPress are Listening…Please Go and Let Them Know

  1. CC says:

    Yes, I gave them the links to the ones that I knew were hit or miss, or never showing… I only wish people had come to yours and reblogged from my site..maybe more went from there though…but great news!! 🙂 Good job Moongazer ❤ -CC

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  2. Moongazer says:

    I’m just going through blogs i follow on my laptop now, and there are loads that havent been showing. It looks like the problem has been going on for a few months as well.
    I just hope they can fix it xx

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  3. Oh that could explain why some of my regulars haven’t been visiting! O.O

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  4. alfgarnet says:

    Agree ok haven’t been doing this long , but stats weird last few days, one week high next realy low, and can’t see some posts, not sure wether it was normal or not lol .. Oh well .. Lollll xxx

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    • Moongazer says:

      Hopefully they’ll be able to fix it soon. There is an explanation given by wp on the forum thread – if you refresh your browser it should solve it but they were looking for a proper fix. But on my phone my reader is still playing silly buggers.
      The stats do go a bit wappy from time to time but you will also get natural ebbs and flows in page views etc. But it could be people aren’t seeing you. You could mention it on the thread in the forum, like Marc-Andre did, or start a new thread asking if your stats have been down due to the reader not working.

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