Today Has Been Odd

It seems to have flown by for one thing. I’ve rested all day due to doing a bit much yesterday evening and then waking up freezing cold and in lots of pain thanks to my window blowing open in the night. Chilled FM muscles are not fun!

Also rested so I can go shopping tonight…..deep joy.

But also I am feeling rather emotional.

You see, on Saturday morning I let Rory out into the garden, and she came back in after about 5 minutes. But the pupils of her eyes were uneven. One was wide open, the other just a slit.

Now, I know this isn’t a good sign. But my littlun who has qualifications in animal care did her best to reassure me. In every other way, Rory is fine – eating, sleeping, washing, her nightly mad half hour of charging round the house at top speed etc……all normal. So we decided to see how she went but aware we might have to scoop her up and go to the emergency vets if need be (it is £200 just to be seen on a weekend but the only vet care available).

Her eyes settled down but I phoned the vet this morning and she is booked in for Wednesday afternoon. I am unconvinced that her pupils are responding equally.

But I am scared. I knew without looking the kind of things it could indicate and Google just confirmed it. I am trying very hard not to worry but I cant help it.

Anyone who reads my blog knows just how much I love my cats and Rory especially. She is my little shadow. Wherever I am, she has to be too. 

Gods – I have tears running down my cheeks  just typing about it.

I was supposed to go and pick out my new glasses frames finally today, but I might need that money for vet fees. And Rory’s well being is far more important.

I have caught up on everyone’s blogs today though so thank you for keeping me company 🙂

Please keep your fingers crossed for my beautiful girl.


My Rory

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33 Responses to Today Has Been Odd

  1. lydiaa1614 says:

    I know exactly how you feel, Sweetie. My Violet (dog) and our cute little Monkey (cat) are our “kids”. Violet has been my shadow for her whole 10 1/2 years and her health has been declining. she has arthritis in her hips and severe allergies. I would be totally lost without her. And Monkey is like Rory with her routine (specially the nightly speed race! She really lives up to her name.

    You and your beautiful Rory are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope all goes well.

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    • Moongazer says:

      Thank you Lydia. They get hold of your heart, dont they. Rory is only 6, bless her xxx

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      • lydiaa1614 says:

        My little Monkey is 1 1/2. She was a rescue, dumped off at the vet’s office at 6 weeks, we adopted her at 9 weeks. She got in the house after living in a cage for a third of her life and said “yup, this place is mine”. She pretty well runs the place! Bless her heart.

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        • Moongazer says:

          Aww bless her. She sounds adorable. You should post some pics up 🙂
          I got Rory and Zoe at 6 wks. They are too young still to really leave their mum at that age but I knew if I didnt take them someone with less experience might get them instead. Zoe was the boss even then lol.
          Rory’s eyes were very unequal again tonight 😦


          • lydiaa1614 says:

            I will post some pictures. In fact I have a cute one I may post tonight. It doesn’t show their faces but is quite typical of that little cat’s “this is my domain” attitude! I have you and Rory in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted on her condition.

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  2. Carol says:

    You and Rory are in my thoughts.
    Please keep us posted.

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  3. Prayers going up for Rory! My cat Weezer has been sick also. I recently purchase Vet Pet Insurance. I’m believing for Divine Favor when I take Weezer to the Vet tomorrow. I am sending Healing Vibes to Rory and you. Have faith.

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  4. I understand that you are worried, my old boys and brothers are 11 years now and they means so much to me. Send healing thoughts your way.

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  5. Marc-André says:

    Feel yourself hugged from all of us at Katzenworld ❤

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  6. plus+beauty27 says:

    Awe I am so sorry hun. Praying for your baby! I have a fur baby of my own and I would be very worried too. ❤ xxoo

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  7. pd says:


    Hope Rory is ok at vets, She probably just poked her head into something she shouldnt have and maybe scratched it ?

    have fun shopping 🙂

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  8. suomi571 says:

    Hope all goes well!

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  9. magickmogwai says:

    Sending positive thoughts your way, hopefully Rory is fine and the vets will find nothing wrong tomorrow or something easily sorted out.

    Cats are miraculous creatures the way they work their way into our hearts and life so we can’t imagine being without them. My cats and rabbit are just like that – we have 3 cats (mother, daughter and granddaughter) and it’s too much sometimes the destruction they can cause but we can’t imagine being without even one of them we love them that much. They become part of the family don’t they?

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  10. Your description of Rory reminds me of my kitties Velvet and Rae. There are many things that can cause uneven pupils and not all of them are serious. Let’s hope it’s one of the not-serious causes.

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  11. Sending healing energy and well wishes for Rory.

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  12. vpark3 says:

    Wow I can see why you were worried, such an extreme difference! Glad she’s doing better xx

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    • Moongazer says:

      Her eyes were uneven again today when she came in from outside but nowhere near as bad as they were, so if it due to pressure it means the antibiotics are starting to work. She’s only had 2 doses so its still early days I guess. Xx


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