What a Night!

Just a little update and a massive thank you to everyone that was so supportive last night. Especially to Lydia and Jessie (((hugs)))

I saw 4 am and then awoke at 5.37 am 😥

I am exhausted and wrung out. My pain levels went off the scale between about 11pm and 3 am, when I had to boost my pain meds the only way I could – an extra full dose plus ibuprofen.

Last time I was in that much pain, my daughters called the ambulance. But one is away and the other one was asleep.

But when you reach the point where every movement of a limb induces muscle spasms and you find yourself crying and gently rocking you have to do *something*
It eased things just enough for me to nod off.

That level of pain was out of proportion to my lack of sleep though. And I don’t understand why it was so severe. The only thing I have done differently in the last few days is drink tea instead of coffee. One cup of tea a day could do that?? Nah.

But then, when did fibromyalgia *ever* make sense to anyone? It is a law unto itself.

I hope this flare to end all flares is short lived. Not sure I can cope with another night like that 😦
I feel battered and bruised at the moment, but my pain meds will be coming due again soon.

But the levels of friendship and support from you guys here……amazing ((((hugs))))

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12 Responses to What a Night!

  1. pd says:

    Sorry to hear that, you ok now ?

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  2. lydiaa1614 says:

    Moongazer, I am so sorry you are going through this still. I actually had a rough night pain-wise as well, but not as bad as you. I am sending you gentle hugs and healing thoughts. Take it easy today.

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    • Moongazer says:

      Oh no!! It’s not fair, is it?! (((hugs)))
      Last night you and Jessi made me smile, despite everything, both ‘telling me off’ for apologising, bless you. Your care and friendship meant so much to me, and it made a difference to me. Thank you for all your healing thoughts xx I just wish I could give you both a real hug. But I’m wishing you have a much better night tonight, with much less pain and many hours of deep unbroken sleep. You deserve it xx

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  3. abodyofhope says:

    I’m sorry you had such a scary night. I hate being so petrified with pain. Though I hate going to the hospital more, I think… Hope you are feeling more stable today. Soft warm hugs xo

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    • Moongazer says:

      Thank you! It was scary, you’re right. I have the same fear of ambulances and A&E which is why its never me that makes the phone call lol.
      Today has been more stable but the ‘detail’ of the torn muscles from the spasms have crept up on me bit by bit. And thank you for the hugs – they are always very much appreciated xx

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  4. aoshikori says:

    Aww.. *hugs* I hope you feel a lot better now. 😦 I’m sorry you had a scary painful night. I hate when it happens.. the pain is extreme and kinda traumatizing. T.T

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  5. I am so sorry for what you are going through. I have fibromyalgia as well, so I can relate. I hope that the pain levels ease up for you.

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  6. I hope this flare is already over for you. When they come on fast and furious, they are the worst.

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    • Moongazer says:

      Thank you and you are so right, the “flash flares” do seem to be the worst.
      I’ve had a really good couple of days over the weekend and got a lot done for a change lol. Now waiting to see what the morning brings as a result. I might have done too much :-\


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