Where Did That Day Go?

It’s 0.45 am and I am ready for sleep. Except I’m not coz I have all this stuff here to tidy away before I can get into my bed *sigh*.

As excited as I was, I was right to feel trepidation over my new lappy. Oh how I have had to faff!! I even had to “phone a friend”, whose advice worked well.

But, did the lappy want to recognise my phone? Did it thump!!

Blue tooth dongles – useless!!

I eventually got it sussed tho. And tomorrow I have the joy of 63 essential updates o_O

This is before I even begin to download my usual software and find my printer etc.

But pray tell…….whose big idea was it to remove the clicky buttons from the bottom of the mousepad?????

If it was you – go stand in that corner over there!! That’s it. Face the wall and hang your head in shame, why don’t you!! You great numpty!! Grrrr *looks fierce*

I bet while that design feature was being discussed some over paid idjit sniggered and placed bets on how many people would be confused by the lack of said clicky buttons. Hmmph.
A pox on you, I say!!

Cor bloody blimey !! Seriously, I am reasonably intelligent. But the lack of clicky buttons had me flummoxed. Stoopid technology. Bring back giant corded mice and XP – you knew where you were with them.

PMSL…..it’s all good fun…….ish. kinda. o_O

Ah well……tomorrow is another day as they say, and hopefully I will catch up with everybody’s posts. Probably while those 63 *essential* updates are happening.


Nighty night xxx

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8 Responses to Where Did That Day Go?

  1. ccchanel41 says:

    Love! oh my you are so funny… this was awesome..dare say I do not understand computers myself..that would be alex..I am not aloud to touch the buttons anymore…hahaaaaa…sleep well…xx

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  2. pd says:

    I got clicky buttons 🙂

    are you sure the bottom of the mouse pad isnt the ‘clicky button’ area ?, have you tried clicking there ?

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    • Moongazer says:

      Gimme them clicky buttons!!!

      Yep, you are correct. The bottom bit of the mousepad is clicky. But, you see, you have the brain of a scientist 😀 whereas my brain has cross laterality. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!
      But seriously, there was one small section of English in a 6 sided leaflet that insisted you plug the lappy into the mains before turning it on *rolls eyes* and not to replace the battery by yourself. Then 4 small pictures, one of which showed a mousepad and a finger and thumb in that bigger/smaller motion you use on smart phone screens. So I just presumed – as you would – that that was why the mousepad is bigger, so you can use that motion on it to zoom in or out. It was only (much) later, when I prodded the thing in frustration because I wanted to bring up a right-click menu and could see no way of doing it on screen, that I realised they had sneakily disguised the clicky buttons to confuse me!!! Barstewards!!!
      But……they seem to have designed windows 8 for gamers – it even has “charms”, and space given on the dinky info on how to find them. In my teenage years a game console played ping pong, and the fanciest pc game was pac-man!!


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