Bad Journalism (and other stuff)

I was gobsmacked today! My lower jaw dropped, my eyes boggled and my head shook from side to side.

Now I know you need to use a degree of common sense when researching stuff online, but it might be nice if some online “journalists” had at least a few working brain cells! o_O

I have been trawling around online today, following my nose (as you do) trying to find an answer to a perplexing question. I couldn’t find a definitive answer but what I did find was an awful lot of people, over almost a decade, asking the same question. 

They asked on various forums, message boards and those medical sites where random Drs reply. On one Drs site the same question was posed about 6 times by different people using different wording, but all essentially wanting to know the same thing. Each question was answered by 1 – 3 Drs and no two Drs had the same solution.

Yeah……..that inspires confidence in medical science, doesn’t it!?!? :-/

Aaanyway, I rephrased my search terms (as you do) and about 3rd or 4th in the Google results was a website that  appeared to be a medically themed online magazine style website, so I clicked.

What I found…..oh ye gods!!!……was an article presenting a selection of information as facts.

What the “author” had submitted was actually a re-write of what I had read earlier on the forums and message boards.

Basically they summed up a load of speculation, individual experiences and in one instance total random bollocks and presented it as fact!!! FFS!!!

You can see why my jaw dropped!

Seriously, seriously bad journalism!!!!

On to the other stuff 🙂

Germs appear to be gone, but sleep so badly screwed up I have about as much energy as a wet tissue and stupidly painful muscle twitches and cramps.

Yesterday I did some clearing out. Ridding my life of more remnants from last year and it felt so good!! 😀

And…….Rory managed to slide off the top of my wardrobe into the small space in the corner behind my radiator *face palm*. She wasn’t hurt, Thank the Starry Skies, but she was a bit perplexed by the experience, bless her. These big round golden eyes peered at me from the gloom. It took about 10 minutes to convince her that climbing back up the fabric side of my wardrobe was not a good idea when she could extricate herself from her predicament by simply walking along the top of my radiator. It was luke warm, by the way.

Bless her. For a cat that can open drawers using 3 different methods and open a door using the handle, she is sometimes very dense LOL.

I have scary stuff to do this afternoon. I don’t like scary stuff. But I can’t delay it any longer *pouts and wanders off muttering to herself*

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12 Responses to Bad Journalism (and other stuff)

  1. My late father-in-law-the-physician always said diagnosis is an art. I think that applies to trying to find information on-line, too. I hope you find a more trustworthy site, and that Rory finds less exciting way to get your attention.

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  2. Greetings! Sorry to hear about all the bad information going around the ‘Net. One must be careful concerning research any topic since much of it might be some person’s opinion not backed by facts. On that note I wanted to know your thoughts on this post:

    Thanks and I hope you feel better! 🙂

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    • Moongazer says:

      Hiya! Hmmm……..I don’t know. I mean, black mold? Growing in your sinus cavities?
      Plus, she lists a major symptom of hers as being her joints. Fibromyalgia does not effect the joints. It effects muscles and connective tissues as a knock on effect.
      Also, black mold has probably been around longer than mankind. Wouldn’t we have evolved a way to deal with it if it *could* grow inside our sinus cavities (which are teeny, by the way)??? Wouldn’t our immune system attack it? As in an ALLERGY. Also, whilst I lived in a house for three years that had a really bad black mould problem, and I AM allergic to it – I got asthma and rhinitis. It was another 7 years before I got FM symptoms.
      Plus, black mould is probably everywhere in our environment just too small to see.
      I suspect she was mis-diagnosed in the first place, but black mould in the nasal cavities????
      Well now that a physical pathology has been found for FM and it looks like a blood test will be available in the near future, hopefully misdiagnosis will become a thing of the past.
      I wonder if she had the tender point assessment done as part of her FM diagnosis, tho.
      What are your thoughts on it?

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  3. I can’t really say since I don’t know enough about the disease.

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  4. Trisha says:

    I’ve read a few “articles” like that too, that were just summing up things said on message boards. I just can’t imagine what makes a person feel they’re enough of an expert to write articles without doing any kind of real research. It truly baffles me! I’m glad Rory didn’t get hurt on her adventure and I hope you got through your scary stuff okay.

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  5. pd says:

    Most journalists appear crap these days, even some on BBC last night i was watching appeared to struggle to read an autocue, as if they couldnt string words together, Hell, you’d be better off with a computer reading the autocue.

    I also think BBC (and others) suffer OCB – Obsessive Compulsive Broadcasting. Its all the 24hr broadcasting thats causes it, stick someone in front of a camera and tell them to perform for hours when nothing new has really happeneed, some of them just make up the most utter load of bollocks you’ve ever heard, yes BBC thats you. Far more has happened in the world in last week than just Paris !. If you complain then they will turn round and give a load of corporate speak (bollocks) which is basically part of a mutual appreciation society where one department congratulates another and vise versa, they all gets pats on the back and bonuses for wonderful job.
    Oh and this all doesnt just apply to TV broadcasting its equally valid for a lot of journalists.

    Scrap the licence fee
    sack loads of the surplus tv reporters (and save money)
    go back to having two 30 min broadcasts a day, which must be balanced.

    Hope Rory’s ok.

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