On The Mend……….Kinda, Maybe

Eek!! What have WordPress done to their App?!? I rebooted my phone and I was all kinda “eek!!” o_O
It defaults to posts now, and the slide to refresh thing is a bit hit and miss. Not sure I like these “upgrades”. But then, I could just be getting old and curmudgeonly 😛 (is that how you spell it?? )

My earache has eased, but I keep losing my voice :-/
When I’m not running a temperature, I do feel more human – much less blurgh. But then my temperature surges again so I’m obviously still fighting something off and the runny nose has arrived.

But my sleep is now buggered up again. And yesterday I was so tearful – with no apparent reason *sigh* I really hate being ill……..flippin germs can go do one!!

All I have done for the last few days is sleep, sweat, sleep and read. But of course then when I wanted to go to sleep at a normal time, it just wasn’t happening. It is now 15 hrs since I last had a sleep which means I’ll probably fall asleep before lunchtime….Rarrrr!!! So frustrating x-(

Maybe I was a bit optimistic to say normal service will be resumed shortly. But then……..what’s normal anymore?? o_O

I hope everyone if fairing a bit better than I am!

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3 Responses to On The Mend……….Kinda, Maybe

  1. PJ Clouse says:

    I hope you get to feeling better. Sounds nasty what ever you have. You need some good old fashion chicken soup.
    Nice blog. Take care of yourself.

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  2. Moongazer says:

    Hi! Thank you. I had 4 hrs of decent sleep and woke feeling better. My temperature has been normal since I posted too, so it looks (and feels) like tomorrow should be a much better day 🙂


  3. Trisha says:

    Yuck, sounds like a miserable bug. I hope you get some good sleep in and feel better soon.


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