Today I Am…..

Cranky. Grumpy. Muscles that I am not usually even aware of are hurting.
Bored. Restless. Cantankerous.
Snappy. Snarly.
Oh, and once again disappointed by the actions of another. They need to grow some balls! Seriously.

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2 Responses to Today I Am…..

  1. Trisha says:

    Have you noticed that people get more annoying as pain levels increase? And animals do too! My cars always puke on something when I’m extra tired and achy. I hope your day gets better.

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    • Moongazer says:

      Some people certainly do! But mostly it’s just me being “nazzy” as my gran used to say.
      I hardly ever lose my temper, but I did today. And if I do, it normally subsides pretty fast. But not today 😦
      Just a bad day, I guess. But then my pain has been such that tearing open an envelope hurt all the way up to the muscles in my side under my arm. I washed my hair at the sink and gave myself an asthma attack……so I gave up. It’s almost bedtime, and tomorrow is another day.
      Talking of cats – I have had all 3 with me all day. At least one never more than a couple of feet away. Bless em.


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