Random Midnight Musings

It’s after midnight, but *shrugs*

I’ve had a couple of days of kickback from my FM. And they’ve been…..odd. I haven’t been able to settle to anything for long. I’ve felt…..not restless, as such, more…….detached. It’s very hard to explain.

I have wondered if it’s just the time of year – or to be more precise, this particular week of the year. You know, the post-christmas lull. The anti-climax, perhaps. The sense of flatness until the calendar on the wall changes. Does anyone else know what I mean? Or am I just burbling?  o_O

My thoughts have been zig-zagging around too. Not in a ‘crazy’ way. Nor am I depressed. I did have a spell of feeling tearful, but that’s to be expected really – first christmas without my mum.

Also (and this might sound weird) I’ve had the feeling that I have been thought about by somebody, somewhere. Not so much of an “ears burning” sensation, but more like a tugging at the edges of my awareness. Grrrr…..I feel like I am not making much sense here, but I will trust no-one thinks I am a complete nutter and post anyway.

For me, many people have passed through my restless mind the last couple of days. From my mum and dad through to friends and work mates from long ago. I suppose it’s not impossible that someone from the last 40 odd years might have been thinking about me too 😛

I think everyone gets a bit retrospective at this time of year.

But I haven’t been looking back in a bad way. We have had a couple of inches of snow and that always takes me back to the winter of 1981/82 when temperatures dropped wayyy below freezing, the pipes froze in school and most days that we trudged in, we got sent home again. That winter was the start of me falling in love for the first time 🙂
That’s the kind of thinking I have been doing. Nothing too in depth, and certainly not unhappy. Just a bit flibberty jibberty lol.

I have also had the unusual experience of Mitch sleeping on my bed. He went and settled down as soon as his mum and dad went out and stayed there until they came home several hours later. He was back for a while tonight and what was even stranger was that Rory not only tolerated his presence, she curled up on my bed in her usual spot a mere foot away from him. Hmmmmmm………most peculiar. Normally she runs him out my room, but not tonight.

Well, time to sleep methinks. Sorry for the strange rambly post about nothing in particular.

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2 Responses to Random Midnight Musings

  1. Trisha says:

    I’ve been in an odd mood since Christmas too. Well, today it was more of a bad mood because of FM making me hurt all over. But this post Christmas/pre new years time is strange.

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    • Moongazer says:

      Not just me, then! Thank the starry skies 😀
      What is it about these particular days that makes them feel so odd?
      ((((gentle hugs)))) for your pain. I hope it eases for you soon xx


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