Mmmmm……Vintage Goodies!!

Ok, so yesterday I didn’t finish my room. I just didn’t have as many ‘spoons’ as I thought I did. But I did get some bits of housework done and finished sorting the gift bags 🙂

Tonight I am being picked up to go shopping for the last minute fresh foods. Before that, I am colouring my hair and having a shower. All major ‘spoon stealers’. If I have enough energy after my shower and before I get picked up, I will put a few more things away in my room. The messy heap of stuff is looking at me accusingly and I am feeling the guilt, but you just have to prioritise and do what you can, dontcha?

Now onto the good bit…..vintage yummies!!! I wrote about these on 13th Dec…..and they arrived really quickly from America, it was a nice surprise. The seller had even wrapped them up like a present in gold tissue paper with a red bow. How cool is that? 😀

And so….for your delight and delectation 😀 here is a pic of my new vintage goodies.


You should be able to zoom in for a closer look 🙂

There are vintage Japanese seed beads. All as perfectly made as Muyuki beads are today. Also vintage swarovski charms.
Aren’t they beautiful?! 😀
I just put a few of the charms out for the photo, but they came in packs of 20.
I am so pleased with them, it’s ridiculous!! LOL
ps – is the photo ok? Because I work from my phone I never know how it looks on a monitor. Maybe I’ll get back to my pc in the new year…

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4 Responses to Mmmmm……Vintage Goodies!!

  1. Trisha says:

    The photo turned out good and I zoomed in to see the goodies. I would be excited too! It looks like you’ve got quite a bit of fun, pretty treasure there. Enjoy! I hope your spoon supply holds out while you get your shopping done. I went this morning. I seem to be okay with spoons today but have an abundance of pain. I’m waiting for my pain meds to kick in. I was hoping to get by without them today but there’s just no way.

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  2. Moongazer says:

    Thank you for letting me know the photo is ok. That’s a relief 🙂
    I’m sorry you’ve got a bad pain day (((hugs))). And on a day that your energy levels are ok – that is *so* unfair!
    The supermarket was packed out! And at the checkout we got behind someone with a £200+ shop *rolls eyes* but I survived with enough spoons left to stay up with the rest of the family til bedtime, so I did quite well.
    Hope you have a better day pain-wise tomorrow xx


  3. pd says:

    Your going food shopping christmas eve, yeh gods, have fun LOL.

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    • Moongazer says:

      Noooo…….today is xmas eve. I went food shopping yesterday! LOL
      It was crazy busy and I feel like I wrestled a squid today – I am very hurty. There were no slots left for online delivery when i looked about 10 days ago, so we had no choice xx


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