Milestones Are Like Buses….

Apparently 😀 

They all come at once 😛

My notifications inform me that my blog has 500 likes and 200 followers…..and I notice I’ve topped 6000 views! *jaw drops* Wow!

They may not be huge amounts in the grand scheme of things in blogland, but those numbers seem big to me.

Thank you!!

I enjoy blogging, it has to be said. But the best bit is definitely the people. Everyone who participates – from real life friends to other bloggers who are becoming friends  (((((hugs)))))



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4 Responses to Milestones Are Like Buses….

  1. Trisha says:

    Congratulations on rhe milestones!

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  2. Way to go! A 1000 is big, 6000 is HUGE, Congratulations, you should be proud, I am for you. ;~)

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