The Winter Solstice

One of two special days for me. Today, as the shortest day is the natural ‘pivot point’ of the year, as from here on in, the days gradually, almost imperceptively begin to lengthen again. The light from the sun and its life giving energy gradually returns to the earth.

As the time of the longest night, it is highly symbolic as a time to ‘get through’, to survive, with the hope of new life, growth and abundance to come.

As the sun sets this afternoon, it is my tradition to light a candle, to burn through the night. It is a time to let go of any regrets and to make “wishes” for the coming year.

I realise I am in a minority, but for me, tonight is the eve of the new year. And not a time of massive celebration……that can come once the time of longest darkness has passed. No, tonight is more a time of quiet contemplation. To remember the people and things that have passed in the previous cycle of the year and to let go of them and encourage hope for the new year to come.

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13 Responses to The Winter Solstice

  1. Trisha says:

    I feel the same way about the solstice. To me, it feels like the most sacred day of the year. I will light a candle tonight too…although I’m too paranoid to leave it burning all night. 🙂 Happy Winter Solstice and many blessings in the new year!

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    • Moongazer says:

      To you too, Trisha 🙂 xx
      Sacred is the perfect word for it.
      There has been a mix of sorrow and laughter tonight, and it has felt right, as there has been love under-pinning it all. We lost my mum in the summer, my best friend lost her dad a few weeks later, and my son in law to be lost his mum just over a year ago. They were all remembered tonight.

      My candle is a short, but long burning one. I have it in a heavy based glass holder which is on a metal circular tray, out of reach of the cats, here in my room. I am a bit paranoid too 🙂


  2. divaraptor says:

    No candle for me tonight I was too exhausted lol but Solstice Blessings your way X

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  3. Happy Winter Solstice friend!

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