3 Days to Hell! Ambien!

If you have migraines this is a very interesting blog to read. There is also a Facebook group for those who like FB

Clueless Doctors & Scientists

Atypical Benzodiazepines Receptor Ligands

Who would think that a drug that most psychiatrists do not even consider to be a benzodiazepines can be more addictive than a benzodiazepines (benzos for short) drug? What exactly is Ambien (or Lunesta or a host of others for that matter) and why are they so addictive? Are they benzos or not and what is the big deal?

Officially there is a drug class called “Atypical Benzodiazepines Receptor Ligand” which most psychiatrists and doctors I talk to have no idea what that means. So let me spend a little time and explain it since I have my pharmacology book handy so it will be easy to read but harder to reduce the complexity. I must also add that all doctors have learned what this is but it is so complicated they simply forgot. As a result, doctors prescribe these drugs like candy yet they are…

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6 Responses to 3 Days to Hell! Ambien!

  1. cjohera says:

    They’re talking about putting me on ambien and I don’t feel good about that at all. It freaks me out. I also don’t want to go against the one doctor who cares what happens to me either. They seem to over-medicate sometimes and I’m not sure how or when to simply say no.

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  2. Moongazer says:

    It’s a tricky one, isnt it. Maybe you could say you’ve been reading up about it and you’re not comfortable taking it. If they ask why you can then explain the addictive drawbacks.
    I do understand how you feel because I havent been back to my gp since I weaned myself off cymbalta and then refused to take the meds the psychiatrist prescribed, even tho I need blood tests doing. You feel like you shouldnt be telling them their job.
    But its a different system here in the UK. In America, you employ your drs, so I think that gives you more right to say if you aren’t happy about a medication xx


  3. I would go a step further and recommend you do what we do in the US: print this out; also print the table out from Wikipedia the article links you to so the doctor can see what it is–believe it or not they often have no clue–and then state what you want.


  4. I left the following comment on the original post.

    I was addicted to Ambien for several years. It cause me to sleepwalk and sleep talk. I actually called friends at odd hours having weird conversations. My girlfriends mother at one point had considered calling 911! I would order all types of products online and then wonder why I was getting all these packages because I had no memory of what I had done. The only thing that didn’t suffer was my writing. In fact I wrote some very good poems while asleep. Later when I researched Ambien on WebMD and some other medical and health sites I found it Ambien was normally prescribe to people suffering from catatonia or catatonic stupor. Something like in the movie Awakenings when the lead character played by the late Robin Williams finds that L-dopa “awakens” hospital patients in a catatonic state. However if that is not your problem Ambien will cause you to sleep but the part of your brain that allows you to perform everyday functions is still awake so you do things you’d normally do plus some stuff you should not do. November 2012 I moved from Queens, NY to Brooklyn, NY. I finally stopped taking Ambien winter 2013 when I ran through my Brooklyn neighborhood in my nightclothes. Being that my neighborhood can be a little dicey this is a very dangerous thing for a woman to do. That was my wake-up call. Yes I still have insomnia which I chalk up to menopause but I make the most of being a Midnight Marauder by getting lots of writing done and my writing is much better without Ambien!

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  5. Moongazer says:

    Wow! That is seriously scary stuff!
    Well done for getting off it, tho. That can’t have been easy (((hugs)))

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