Fantasy Supplements & Medications – The DDDangerous Way

Well worth a read if you want a giggle 😀

There seems to be a never ending supply of medications and supplements these days. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, herbals, homeopathic remedies or natural supplements, the choice is endless. If, like me, you’re a bit fed up of pharmaceutical leaflets warning you the side effects might be worse than the reason you’re taking them, or the supplements that promise everything and only give you funny tasting burps, you might be thinking, well where are the rest? Where are the supplements and medications that promise things I ACTUALLY WANT?

Well readers, you’re in luck!

I’ve turned my talents from Armchair Doctor to Armchair Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur.  So this Christmas, instead of socks, why not buy one of the following from my emerging business*.


Thick Skin Pro

When you’re having to deal with a GP or various ‘ologists who insist your physical illness is psychiatric or that your proven bacterial infection is actually a cunning…

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