Mmmmmm……Coffee!!! (And Creative Chaos)

Lovely, scrummy, rich tasting coffee! *slurp* 😀 😀 😀

I am feeling slightly virtuous 😛 as the 2 parcels got posted today and my list of gifts to make/finish has dwindled considerably 🙂

All the presents are wrapped and under the tree, apart from for one person that I won’t see til after xmas.

I just need to finish sorting the “gift bags” which are the grown up versions of stockings for my daughters, and son-in-law-to-be as he has been ‘adopted’ 🙂

I do have one item left to make for someone else to gift, however. I started it last night but had to abandon it as I made a mistake :-\  the only thing is, it looks as though I overdid the repetitive arm movements a bit yesterday as my right hand and arm are seriously rebelling with stiffness, soreness and pins and needles *sigh*. I have until tomorrow evening to complete it tho, so that’s ok.

I had an extraordinarily long sleep last night. I fell asleep without taking a nytol sometime  around 11 (I had been awake since 5.30 am) and I woke up at 3.30am this morning with my light on, curtains open and music still playing lol.
As it was still the middle of the night I took a nytol and didn’t wake up til 11.00!!!!
I guess I have a lot of sleep to catch up on  :-\ but will endeavor to take it at a more sensible time from now on lol
I still ache but my pain levels are down another notch from Tuesday, which is good.

So for the rest of the afternoon I am going to return to the organising of my room – in slow stages. I just want it finished now. I could have just stuffed everything onto shelves and into cupboards but I want it all organised so everything will be easy to find.  Its more likely to get used that way when I am feeling inspired. But it has meant a lot of re-boxing different supplies and has been a case of creating more mess first. But when it’s all done I will have all my craft stuff and jewellery making stuff in my room, in an organised and tidy way, with free floor space again 😀 and it will be well worth it.

All my books will be back in the lounge and Littlun and her boyfriend can fill the shelves under the stairs which will give them more space in their room.

I remember when they came to re-wire the house earlier this year, there were comments about how much stuff we have. So I explained. It’s easy – a 3 bedroom house with 4 adults who all have hobbies and interests!!

2 of us read a lot, we all have dvds and cds, 2 of us are arty and so have lots of art materials, 1 of us likes to bake, 2 are into cross stitch, 1 is musical and owns guitars, 1 of us knits and crochets and that is on top of all my beads etc 😀
I think they thought we were quite mad. But I don’t care. I’d rather have a family and house full of creativity and things going on. It would be boring otherwise.

Actually, I just can’t imagine a home without books and music and the stuff of hobbies.

But I can’t be the only one to have a family like this. Or a home that seems to have a base level of chaos all the time. And a very full loft lol.

I do dream of having my own beading room tho *wistful sigh*

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6 Responses to Mmmmmm……Coffee!!! (And Creative Chaos)

  1. gracieed says:

    You’re not the only one to have a home like that. I was just thinking about how long it will take me to sort through the mess in my craft room. Yikes! I guess the mess is a sign that I’ve been working. 😉

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  2. maziebird says:

    Between two smallish boys and my craft stuff, our house is full, too. But even before we had kids,we had “stuff.” My husband and I moved across the country and our moving truck charged by pound. Our two bedroom apartment weighed what they estimated a 4 bedroom house to weigh because of our books!


    • Moongazer says:

      Oh wow! That’s a lot of books!!
      But books are essentials, after all 😀
      It is very reassuring for me to hear your moving house story actually because when we moved here I hired a guy who gave me a quote over the phone based on a discussion of my furniture and “boxes”. He turned up in a box van and it took several trips. He was not impressed. I did pay him in cash tho lol..


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