This Could Be a Long One

I had a great afternoon in town on Monday. I managed more walking (in the shops) than I expected, found a few absolutely perfect prezzies for people, discovered by accident that Maccy D’s hot banoffee pies are very yummy, and my eldest was rendered speechless with laughter trying to navigate my wheelchair on a slight sideways incline without tipping me out  😀

Bear in mind that my wheelchair and me in it were loaded up like Santa’s sleigh! It was funny 😀

But ye gods did I pay for it yesterday!! I coasted through the day on a pain level of about 7, which shot up to a 9 on standing and walking. At times my vision whitened out at the edges 😥

But you know what…….yesterday was still a good day. I was happy 😀

I had popped into Boots on Monday and spoken to the pharmacist about my sleep. She strongly advised me to go back to the dr, but recommended Nytol, the non-herbal one, which lives behind the counter.

Its just a drowsy inducing anti-histamine but it helped!! I had 6 & 1/2 hrs sleep Monday night and 5 & 1/2 hrs last night.


I just hope it doesnt follow a pattern of an hour less tonight LOL

I also had my hair cut. It’s a style my hairdresser has wanted me to try for a while and I finally agreed. Yesterday, I was pleased with it. Today? Hmmmm…….I think it might be a bit ……well, not “me”. I shall be changing the colour so that might make a difference. We’ll see.
Bright red this time methinks 😀

Yesterday I also completed another xmas gift  🙂

My pain levels are lower today, thank the starry skies. One parcel just needs wrapping to be posted later, the others will have to wait til Friday when someone is next available to go to the post office, as I need an item that hasnt arrived in the post yet.

So, I’m a bit behind where I wanted to be at, but its ok. I am not frazzled.

Today is a busy day but its mostly stuff I can do sitting down, so I can rest while I am busy 😛

I hope everyone else’s preparations are going smoothly

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