Some people are unbelievable!!!

First I see something on someone’s FB wall that made my jaw drop when they claimed something that is *so* much the opposite of what I personally witnessed of their attitude, it’s practically in another solar system!!!

It just proves that they are still spouting lies about themselves.

And then something comes through the post saying something that is the opposite of what I have repeatedly experienced over decades.

They must think other people are stupid. FFS!!!

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27 Responses to Hypocrites!!

  1. Social media is a perfect way for people to portray what they want people to think about them. Its usually all bull crap! I see this every single day. It frustrates me to no end! Especially the people who claim to always be against drama and hate drama but i know them personally and they are so full of drama! lol its actually pretty comical.

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  2. oceanskysky says:

    Love it well said x x x

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  3. Elsie G. says:

    It is frustrating. Some people really have no idea they are so hypocritical though. It is a form of self-delusion I think, but how they get to that point I don’t know.
    Definitely the cognitive dissonance caused by social online media doesn’t help…

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  4. Some folks drink Hater-ade and spread their drama around. Unfortunately there are a few people who live for drama. They create drama because they have nothing better to do. Certain people think social media gives them a super power or anonymity and they will hide behind their religion, beliefs, and usually their own self-importance. Back in the day when I was young we use to call the instigators. I refuse to engage in these stupid flame wars, Virtual Venom or Cyber-Bullying! I write loads of poetry and I had to leave several Facebook poetry groups because of racist, bigoted and down right stupid remarks. I guess the dumbest one was the fellow who felt my poem which was about False Prophets criticized UFOs!! Go Figure!! Maybe some aliens captured, then probed him!! LOL!! Idiots & Fools.

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  5. Moongazer says:

    I love that! “Drink hater – ade” 😀
    Oh yes, facebook groups and forums do seem to attract freaks and weirdos and what is it about religion and beliefs that seem to bring out the very worst in people?!?
    I’ve had my share of “debates” with such people but not for a very, very long time. It is far better – for your own well being, if nothing else – to leave them to their delusions.
    You write quite powerful poetry too. I like it 🙂 but even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t dream of criticising it. Poems are so very, very personal and almost by their very nature are open to interpretation. Its one reason they are enjoyable!!


  6. pd says:

    Trust no-one, think worst of everyone (except me LOL) then you cant be dissapointed. Social media is full of crap, stupid people.

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  7. Sorry you experienced this. Hope things are going ok. Sorry I haven’t been in touch. Been crazy busy with Christmas coming. I do miss chatting with you. Haven’t even been able to post much lately. No time. Anyway wanted you to know I’m thinking of you. Take care of yourself!

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  8. One word… FAKEBook… 😦

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  9. I totally agree with you…

    On the net, there is a psychological phenomenon I call it “identity reproduction”.
    That is, you act either totally honest or like a total hypocrite towards people. Especially, people act as hypocrites about ethical issues on the net, and the same people can open up about their deepest sins to whom they don’t know face to face.
    So you become two or more different people with internally consistent personality types. This has many consequences even causing eventual neourological damage in frontal lobe.

    In sum, as House M.D. says: Everybody lies.
    I say, world is not the place for honest people.


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  10. Moongazer says:

    “Identity Reproduction” – I like that! 😀
    It also sounds spot on in one of these instances 😀


  11. Some folks are Legends in their own minds.

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  12. vpark3 says:

    Haha yes there are a lot of story tellers on social media but they always get found out for what they are, some just take longer than others to realise. They think because they are safe behind a computer screen that they can say anything they want but what they don’t realise is once it’s on the Internet its out there and can’t be removed very easily!

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  13. ccchanel41 says:

    Oh, little late replying..just started following you. I thought I was. I apologize. I LOVE this post. So simple, but how I feel about people all the time. Especially when you are on things like FB. it is as if they think that you do not see what the hell they are writing.
    Lovely post Moongazer. In so many ways..ha!

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  14. vpark3 says:

    LOVE this post, it is so true xx

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