Is This a Chicken and Egg Scenario

I may have read this wrong, but it strikes me as a classic chicken & egg scenario – as in which comes first?

I mean, pain is most definitely distracting. So is fatigue. I think even science recognises that humans are capable of doing things on “autopilot” when tired. There was even a guy tested during a study on sleep deprivation and driving safety who drove (without incident) for 20 minutes without once blinking his eyes – because he was in a sleep state!!

So, the results of this study from the link below are not really surprising. In my humble opinion, anyway.

Plus – what medications were the people involved taking? It makes no mention of that, yet surely that would need to be taken into account.

It admits that mental health issues weren’t, and in terms of possible drugs being taken, if nothing else, I think that’s a major flaw in the design of this study.

Plus!! “Evidence” like this can only add fuel to the “all in the mind” issue that still   lingers with some members of the medical community. (one dr – a neurologist- said to me that he thought I “believed I had a functional disorder” grrrr!!!). Whereas actual physical biopsies of actual tissue shows physical abnormalities in people with Fibromyalgia.

What do you guys reckon?

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