Strange Dreams and Rain

Very heavy rain that is overflowing the gutters front and back and cascading against the wall loudly.

But the wind has dropped and as I awoke at just before 3am, I knew it had as soon as I came to awareness, because despite being late with my pills – my pain levels have fallen.

I am just grateful we don’t have wind and rain together, because that is a killer!

But rain??? My eldest’s other half has taken the day off tomorrow and if I am up to it they will take me into town for the shopping I missed on Wednesday. But rain in a wheelchair is no fun. At least the shops I need to go to are all close together. We’ll see what the day brings, I suppose. It’s all dependant on how I feel anyway *sigh*. As ever.

But I did have a decent sleep for those few hours just now. And a peculiar dream.
I’ve can’t recall ever dreaming from 2 viewpoints before. Very strange.

There was a wedding. And I was both bride and guest. This is most peculiar because as the bride I wore a big white dress and even when I got married for real I refused to wear white. It is just not my colour. So….weirdness number one, there! But everyone else – and I didnt recognise a single face apart from my own as a guest – wore totally normal every day clothes. And it was very much a DIY event, like a big family party. Held in a big room where one side had massive floor to ceiling doors that opened up……onto the delightful view of a row of lock up garages!! There was a wood behind them, but still.

The food was cooked on a massive barbeque (i detest barbeques) that I (as guest) had to clean afterwards.

It was all very strange.

But the strangest thing was during the clean up I heard voices outside, looked out and saw a group of people walking towards one of the lock-ups. And I recognised one of them. It was the ‘boat man’ character I have dreamt about before.

Now why he should be in my dreams again, I have no idea. But there he was. Filthy dirty, ragged and living in one of the lock-ups. I sneaked a look inside and there were two bodies in there covered in old blankets, a hole dug in the floor for a toilet, an old portable TV with a twisted wire arial on top was switched on in a corner. It was a touch on the freaky side and it stunk to high heaven in there. So I beat a hasty retreat and before I got back to cleaning the grill, I was back to being the bride getting into a posh blue car wearing this godawful white dress but feeling exstatically happy. Someone was holding my hand. I presume it was the groom, but I never actually saw him. I just have this sense that he had dark hair *shrugs*. Then I came to, to the sound of the rain.

I love remembering my dreams. I like pondering about them. Not so much what they mean, but how my brain pulled all that from apparently nowhere and how no matter how bizarre they are, at the time you are in the dream, it all makes perfect sense! It’s great! 😀

I love the cohesive story lines that sometimes appear. And how you get to ‘experience’ things that would, or indeed could, never happen in real life.

Well, it’s now 4.38 am. I am going to try  and get some more sleep, methinks.

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2 Responses to Strange Dreams and Rain

  1. Trisha says:

    I love dreaming for the same reasons. It’s so funny how crazy the dreams can be and in the dream we just go with it like it makes all the sense in the world. This one of yours is especially odd! I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed in two viewpoints either. I wonder what it means. I’ve had stranger than usual dreams lately too. Maybe there’s some weird planetary alignment going on or something.

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    • Moongazer says:

      I was going to reply to this when I first saw it, but got distracted. Sorry 😦
      It could mean I was in two minds about getting married lol, coz that’s how I would be. So there’s one side of me in unlikely attire, buying into the stereotype (as it were), but the other side of me grounded in the humdrum of it all 😛

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