Fed Up & Frustrated

Yesterday was pants, basically. I didnt go out as planned, partly due to the weather being so windy and cold. My Fibro does not like windy weather one bit 😦

Plus last night went like this:
Fell asleep at 2am
Wide awake at 4.30
Fell asleep at 6.30 ish
Postman woke whole house at 7.30
Went back to sleep
Woke at 11.40 am in shed loads of pain due to it being well over 12 hrs since my last pain pills.
I slept again late afternoon and now I have just woken up after not even realising I was going to sleep. It is 1.30 am.

I feel like crap. I have had that all over, all the way through, body throb since I woke yesterday. The smallest of movements sending pain shooting randomly and spitefully. Not that I have moved much. Gravity is about 10 times denser in the air around me. I couldn’t even cope with holding a book to read so I have watched stuff on you tube on my phone when I have been alone. I think a few brain cells gave up out of sheer boredom!!

I think I did too much on Tuesday coz this is too bad a flare for just the weather.

I once had a dude who used to be in the RAF and “knew” all about weather tell me there was no way the weather could effect an illness like people “claim”. He was adamant. I remember telling him I hoped he never had cause to find out how wrong he was!
Because there are millions of people who know otherwise, aren’t there?

I bloody hate days like this! They are a waste of time. A waste of being alive.
And they make me feel useless. Pointless.

And what? 7 years into this illness, it’s an aspect of it that I still cannot get used to.  Especially on days I want to be doing stuff, never mind need to be doing stuff.

My family has one day a week when they’re all at home and we can do stuff together. And there’s me – fit for nothing!

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7 Responses to Fed Up & Frustrated

  1. pd says:

    so gravities greater around you ?, you must be a celestrial body, see any stars ?, LOL, sorry jokes dont get any better.

    I kept waking up to howling gales and cats claws on the woonden flooring as they walked back and forwards, not to mention the catflap going all night.

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    • Moongazer says:

      And I thought you were paying me a compliment pd lol 😛 LOL

      We have a quiet cat flap since we got the new one that came with the door. But you must have ‘all terrain’ kitties coz mine don’t go out when its windy like that!!


      • pd says:


        give me some credit, given the ref to the x10, i was going to say large celestial body but i didnt, LOL 🙂

        As for those cats, we bought two runners off amazon to put on wooden floor in hall to silence the sound of their claws at night. Olly has just tiptoed along the narrow strip of wood and avoided the runner, so still noisy


        • Moongazer says:


          Oh that’s just typicsl cat isn’t it LOL
          It’s like this thing that is apparently going round the internet about cats sitting inside a square of tape on the floor. We taped a square on our floor and all 3 cats just sat outside the square and looked at it, baffled.

          I’m sure they’ll use the runners once they stop being ‘new’


  2. The weather kills me, I think that’s why I hate winter so much. Last winter I had a permanent spot next to the woodstove. My dogs know when I feel bad and they lay around my spot in a circle with me in the middle. 🙂 It’s hard to cut ourselves some slack when we feel like we aren’t contributing, but I’m sure you would be doing Wonder Woman type activities if you could. Sending gentle hugs.


  3. Trisha says:

    Sorry you had an awful day like this. It is the worst when the family is home, wanting to do something and we can’t because we don’t feel up to it. I hope the weather improves and you feel better soon.

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