Come Back Blue Sky!

We’ve had a few lovely days of blue skies and sunshine, then today – a white sky. And skyline, as it was midday before the bright white frost on the roofs of the houses opposite disappeared.

White is pretty. But blue is better!

Winter sunshine is always good for me. As daft as this might sound – I love sunshine without heat. The hot sun of Summer zaps my energy. The rest of the year it brightens and energises. So Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons 🙂

I have a lot on my “need to get done” list today. My pain levels are better today than the last couple of days, so that’s good timing 😛

I need to not overdo it though because tomorrow is a busy out and about day and Thursday my hairdresser comes. Bless her, she works in a salon but as I can’t get to her at the moment, she comes to me 🙂

So, I will be doing a bit of sorting and organising, then laundry, then some resting while I do beadwork and so on. I am having to re-do 3 of the xmas gifts I made due to a miscalculation of final length including clasps. Very pissed off with myself!! I can’t even work out how I got it wrong, it was such a stupid error *sigh* but I did.

Anyway – best get to it!

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7 Responses to Come Back Blue Sky!

  1. We had our Women’s Ministry Christmas Event L
    last night. 185 women! Whew! Lots of cleanup! So I’m really tired today. Seems to not take much for me to get tired lately.
    Going to try to take it easier today. Really hard when I have to take care of my son all alone today. I guess I will sleep good tonight. Hope you have an awesome day! Wish my hairdresser came to my house.. I’m jealous!!,

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  2. pd says:

    bit of blue here, but getting battered by gales, glad we dont live over by west coast, stronger there. Hibernating for a few days until things calm down

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