This is an excellent idea! The description of how the experience usually happens made me giggle. So true!

Mollie Hunt: Crazy Cat Lady Mysteries and more

  Here’s a great trick for getting your kitty into her carrier.


As anyone who has ever tried to put a cat into a carrier knows it’s easier said than done.  The tiniest rattle of the carrier gate can send a savvy cat into hiding. Merely approaching the carrier with thoughts of travel may be communicated telepathically. Then comes the house hunt: under the beds, on the high shelves, behind the couches, wherever kitty can fit and hide, pretending you don’t see her when you finally come searching with that flashlight in hand.

Extracting the cat from her hidy-hole doesn’t improve her mood. Now you have a tense, squirming ball of fluff who, as you near the foreboding crate, is transforming and expanding. By the time you’ve reached the carrier, she has somehow sprouted extra legs made of steel and tipped with hooks the size of scythes. Trying to press this demon…

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