To Gain Perspective, You Only Have To Look Back

I can’t remember where I saw or read that, but it’s very true.

Today, while sorting through some stuff, I turned up a load of things and I re-read them. And by looking back, I gained perspective.

It was interesting.

I saw things with a fresh eye. Not one clouded by the overwhelming emotion of the time, yet with the knowledge of what happened. There was no seeing what I might have wanted to see. It was all just………. there.

There was a depth of distress that wasn’t mine, and that speaks volumes.

What actually occured, should never have happened. Had it been anyone else, it could have been overturned.

But knowing what I know now, I am glad it wasn’t.

It is all someone else’s problem now.

And  I have no regrets.

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5 Responses to To Gain Perspective, You Only Have To Look Back

  1. Phoenix Rose says:

    It is strange when I look back on what I wrote even just a year ago. I have grown so much. I have learned so much and looking back absolutely gave me perspective. I was reminded of the nightmare that I was living every single day, and the fight that it took to get here. It’s all worth it. I call us all warriors because we are fighting a war against our own bodies, and while that sucks.. a whole lot.. I feel like a badass sometimes now.. Like I can do anything I set my mind to.

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    • Moongazer says:

      That fighting spirit is what keeps us picking ourselves back up. As a I said to someone yesterday where Fibro is concerned you have to fight it to keep who you are, even if its an adapted version of you.
      You don’t look like a badass by the way! LOL

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  2. T J says:

    Wise words for sure. Wouldn’t it be nice to gain the wisdom without having the experience? (for the most part at least)

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    • Moongazer says:

      Yes! I really could have done without the experiences of this year. But prior to them, I wouldn’t change it. It was the best of times that became the worst of times, sadly.


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