Tis a Beautiful Day

Out there today! A fresh and frosty morning, a crisp bite to the air, blue skies and sunshine 😀
I love this kind of day. Its obviously winter but it has a touch of spring to it.

My 3 hoodlums are all at work, and the newest ‘addition’ to the family is busying himself doing a few odd jobs that need doing, bless him.

He’s not happy unless he’s doing something and is always on the go.

Me? I had a totally sleepless night again 😦  Not a single wink *sigh*
And so I am hurting. I have lead weights for limbs and I am as rickety as ye olde wooden gate!!

It’s sad for a girl! Especially on a beautiful morning like today when the spirit is most definitely willing.

My pain pills have been taken though, so I am hoping to get back to the sorting fairly soon. It is doing my head in now. I want it done. I made so much progress yesterday, even tho it was in short bursts of activity.

And thanks to a certain blog not a million miles away 😀 the ipod will be going on the dock and The Mission will be my soundtrack for the day 😀 (anyone else remember them from the 80’s? o_O )

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