Yesterday Was a Good Day!

And good days should be shared, especially when they happen on only 3 hrs sleep!

My big achievement for the day was that I had a shower and only sat down to do my feet and legs 😀

I hadn’t done much else up to that point, mind you, apart from blogging and making gifts for xmas, but 2 months ago I was struggling to have a strip wash.

My progress been slow but it is still progress!

And we had company for dinner. My youngest did us proud with lamb steaks, a range of veg, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy 😀

After dinner entertainment was provided by a game called Cards Against Humanity which is always fun. And if you have a vaguely twisted sense of humour you should give the game a go!!

A good evening was had by all, I think 😀

The little stash of handmade gifts is growing nicely too!!

Today, tho, I am exhausted 😦  I have literally fallen asleep in the blink of an eye about 3 times so far.

I knew it was likely but somehow you still kinda hope it won’t happen. I mean pre-FM I would have cleaned the house and cooked the meal as well, amongst other things and not been tired today.

Maybe I should see it as a good thing that I am still taken by surprise by FM. Because it means I still have that inner hope.

Better that, than being cross with myself for ‘forgetting’, don’t you think?

So – here’s to good times with family and friends, good food, laughter and love. May we all have lots 😀

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