A Quick Kumihimo Tip :-)

I’ve discovered that if you put a small blob of glue on the inside of the threads – ie go through the hole in the centre of your disc – at the very start and the last 1/4 inch of your braiding, it holds the threads together and makes them easier to work with once the braid is complete.

Gosh that was a long sentence! 😛

The threads all stick together, you see. Then once it’s dry and the braid is complete, you just cut off the bit you don’t need. You can still wrap/whip those end bits with fine thread if you need to, but its a lot easier to do with those ends all glued snugly together 🙂

I used ZAP non drip gel superglue.

I’ve only just tried it as I saw it recommended for kumihimo, but to be honest its no different to my usual superglue gel.

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2 Responses to A Quick Kumihimo Tip :-)

  1. T J says:

    Great idea! As far as glues go, my favourite is Hypo Cement. It has a really fine, needle-like applicator that you can almost “insert” into your work, gluing from the inside out!

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    • Moongazer says:

      I did have some of that. I don’t know what happened but I only used it the once and next time I needed it, it had all dried up inside the tube. I had put the lid on properly. It put me off buying it again, which is daft really coz it could have had a tiny hole in the tube or something lol. I did like the precision tip tho 🙂 it was ideal for gluing thread inside tiny beads.

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