Yeah……’s hit me!

The unusual ‘exertions’ of the last few days has left my body aching with an unpleasant throb of hurtiness 😦

I lay down to sleep last night, stretched to try and ease  the solidified muscle in my left hip, and sent the whole of that side of my back into spasm. Tis not good.

I’ve also hit a downer today. I had a cry earlier  😥
Thinking about this being the first Christmas without my mum. My daughter’s first xmas without their Nan.
Memories of Christmas past flooded in for a while.

I realised I have forgotten to take my morning amino acids for a few days, so that probably hasn’t helped my ability to cope.

But I will be very glad when 2014 comes to an end.

I will be very glad when my room is finally sorted.

I just hurt too much today to be able to do anything but rest 😦

But on the bright side – my eldest cooked a lovely butter chicken with basmati & wild rice last night. She is really gaining confidence now in her ability to cook, which is wonderful. It’s not so long ago that her dyspraxia would have sent her into a tailspin over anything more complicated than beans on toast. I am very proud of her indeed. Her other half has helped a lot as he enjoys cooking so they have cooked together a fair few times now.

And I have the barely there weight of little Zoe on me as I write. Her warm purriness and gentle kneading are soothing.

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4 Responses to And……….Crash!

  1. I have to pace myself which slows me down a lot and yes there are those days i just have to sleep or at the very least rest. Even people who dont have our issues have to take a day now and again. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

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  2. Elsie G. says:

    I’d love to see a picture of Zoe. She sounds so beautiful and I can’t get enough of cats :). Sorry you felt bad this day… this is what loving cats are for. 🙂


    • Moongazer says:

      Thank you x
      Zoe has her own little ‘intro’ post on here with a photo. Unfortunately I work from my phone most of the time and I can’t add a link here. But you will find it in the ‘cats are people too’ section if you get chance to look. But it is about time for more kitty pictures 🙂


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