This Crafter’s Chaos!!

Oh boy!! I am a disaster. Well, to be more precise my room is a disaster.

I am just so weak and wobbly, still.
It’s one of those circular situations again. You have stuff to move from one place to another, but where do you put the stuff from the other place while you move the stuff you want to house there next?

And while that is happening there is other stuff that needs to be put away but where it needs to be is blocked and hidden by this other load of stuff that is waiting to go in the place at the end of the chain of 3 moves!!

Did anyone else actually understand that? O_o

Its making for irritation from already reluctant helpers and me wishing I still smoked!!

And running through the back of my mind the whole time is that I am so very weak and wobbly that I feel pathetic. I have had to come away from it all because I was actually trembling from the exertion 😥 😥   It’s incredibly frustrating!!

This is not me! This is the fibro me and  I am not fibro!!


If I hadn’t had that breakdown, I wouldn’t be like this now :'(:'(:'(

But, hey (she says, trying to lift the mood a bit) progress is being made, albeit slowly.

My newer craft supplies are organised and have a home now. I have found some odd socks that can be re-united with their partners and when all this is done my youngest and her other half will have more space in the hall that they can expand their books into and give them more space in their room.

And I will have all my stuff in one area.

So all this sweat and wobbliness is going to be worth it. Right? Right!!

Ok, break time over. If I unpack that box into those drawers, I can use the box for my bedspread wool instead 😀

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2 Responses to This Crafter’s Chaos!!

  1. pd says:

    Well, I guess i could make sexist comments about women, clutter and untidyness, but i wont 🙂

    Guess its a bit like moving house, you pack one box to move and then turn round and trip over it while packing the next one away

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